Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The thirty-nine whacks

Wiki has a good outline of the salient facts before and after the Lizzie Borden situation:

… though it’s not possible to definitively conclude from that.  She had a much older sister, whom a Swansea woman said appeared in a dream and confessed:

What is known is the father married the mother who diedso time later, nothing there. He remarried and it was that stepmother and him who were axe murdered … eighteen blows on her, eleven on him.

Father was wealthy by this stage but frugal, mean. When he started settling estate on the stepmother’s wider family, there was certainly one motive. Interestingly to me, I just saw a Maigret where the demure girl did it in outrage at what the older woman was doing, how she was treating them.

So there’s Lizzie, the older sister, the twenty-five year old maid and one more … the brother of the first wife, certainly with motive.  Read the Wiki through.

My first thought was older sister Emma, though Lizzie’s behaviour was so uncannily like Amanda Knox’s … a litany of lies not gelling with the others, in Knox’s case walking around in the blood, in Borden’s burning the dress. 

My conclusion after many years now was that Knox was certainly at least aware and involved, just how far a moot point. With Lizzie Borden, my feeling is it was her but that’s quite different to a long, properly held trial and conviction. Same with Knox … too many political aspects, inc. Berlusconi weighing in, the mafia v the law etc. Another was Leslie van Houten who joined in but possibly after Sharon Tate was already technically dead.

The property aspect was major afa I can see … the idea of keeping the two girls in penury while the stepmother got what she wanted … the way the stepmother went upstairs to make the beds 9-11 a.m., the father returning from his walk and flopping down on the sofa, the way the SM had been facing the assailant.


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