Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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(0546) There’s going to be a break from me for a couple of hours … not well. (0604)

4.  Ripper with more on the trans

H/T Bill Sticker

The powerful men behind puberty blockers (skip intro, starts at 12:20)

3.  Pete

From Charlotte Iserbyt (my hero) to Posie Parker ... how quickly it has happened.... maybe Posie 'needed' to go to OZ / NZ for this kick up the backside. But is this politics she's talking here - I'm not sure - three years ago, old now, but here she is

2.  Phantom Digger

i) The weffers are everywhere.

ii) In the title:

1.  MftWC one

5 Months to Kill: The terrifying relationship between Deaths, C**ID Deaths & C**id-19 Vaccination

FOIA doc shows US government anticipated mass vaccine injuries, then observed them from day one

Follow the Money: Unmasking Bill Gates’ unwarranted influence on C**ID Health Policy & His controversial ties to Jeffrey Epstein

US Government Received $400 Million From Major Big Pharma Company

UK still pushing C**id booster shots in expensive, state-sponsored self-harm initiative

In other news..

Huge strikes planned across Germany while France unravels: The European spring has come

The Real Insurrection, and the Dirty Politics of Jan. 6


  1. Toodles~
    Cuddles and I happened to have a visit out with a few young couples this past evening. Something came up about the banking situation and someone asked just how should one invest one's money these days any ole way!?

    All I could say was, 'Under your mattress!'

    It went over their heads as they are too young to even have heard of people doing that in the very olden days.

    Of course several things were suggested by the group we were visiting, but all I could think of upon hearing all of those answers was...🤔💭 'Hmmmm, the 'loo' would be easier, much quicker and with pretty much the same result!'

    Words of wisdom anyone?

    1. My solution is to hold a little bit of gold and silver and buy things which I will need. Also spending money on my garden, turning the wilderness into a vegetable patch. Oh, and I do have the equivalent of an 'under the mattress '.

  2. Its useless running on the bank and putting it under the matress if its not worth the paper its made of. Its not going to buy anything anyway if things get that bad. There will need to be local trade and bartering. The only way out of that situation is for ordinary people to form their own monetary system and bypass the banks. People with allotments who grow food will rise again and others with trades will exchange their skills for food. The problem with precious metals is that they are part of the state monetary system, and their value has to be converted back to fiat currency to buy anything, so their value would plummet as well. The government couldn't do a thing because if they tried to stop this new form of trading they would be dragged out for a Mussolini moment.

    My solution is to blow everything as late as I can before it all goes down, but don't forget that bank deposits up to 80 grand are insured.

    1. Splashing now Ripper. I might be one of the best customers at Amazon and Cotton Traders. I read somewhere that one of something can become none, two can be one one, so I'm working on having three each of essential things which might break. The 80 would be useful even if it's converted to cbdc with the obvious controls on how what when and where it's spent.

    2. Escaping the system would be really difficult for anyone like us, it would take a whole community to act independently. I'm looking to be capable of surviving as much off-grid as possible if the crap hits the fan that hard, hence the wood stove/home made press and plans for the diesel generator. The trigger would have to be pulled on that just before it all went down. A very costly, very big generator that would feed the whole house and run on alternative fuels if diesel wasn't available.

      So, I have warmth, shelter and water. Food would be the sticking point since few people in the area grow anything, Still, I imagine that we'd have civil war before national starvation.


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