Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The last last post

How was I to know Sackers would come out with a post when some of us were getting ready for bed?  But it’s a post which certainly needs to be seen all the same:

a.  Spooks


Now the West is claiming that despite Wuhan’s top-level safety rating - the same as for the UK’s Porton Down - Covid was another lab leak. That is worrying, for as the Telegraph and Mail have reported, Imperial College conducted ‘gain of function’ research on the Covid virus last year in a lower, level 3 setting. Are our boffins definitely more safety-conscious, less fallible than the Chinese? They were combining elements of the original disease - one that is estimated to have killed 6.8 million people worldwide so far - with those of Delta and Omicron variants. What were they hoping to achieve? What if they had succeeded in breeding a new strain that was as transmissible as WuFlu but far more lethal? Was that the intention?

b.  Seaside

Now chaps (and our gals), I’m too knackered to get into all the cutting and pasting of Posey Parker and all the rest … early tomorow, ok?

However, I was listening to a seaside song from my yoofhood:

… and it struck me that my American friends’ childhoods were radically different to here, even middle of the country versus the seaside over there.  I had two different yoofhoods … one English, one Oz … and the Oz had a lot of American to it.

For example, my parents’ friends had a Chriscraft and so we were towed on skis and skiffle boards.  Broad beaches, piers, no actual boardwalks.

The English seaside was different … boulevard, low stone wall between the path and sand or pebbles.  Not much beach to speak of. Donkey rides. Other side of the road … shops and arcades … pinball, games etc.  Sweet shops, rock, chish ’n fips.  Different feel. Never went to Butlin’s, would have been awful.

c.  Pre-Wednesday

Just watching Posey P … she was right, then about 11 minutes, Kissin started getting weird.  The man started going bizarre … what is wrong with these people?  Stopped watching, not coz of her … she was fine … it was those two males.


  1. Isilme:
    Your description of the English seaside sounds just like where I used to live.
    And Butlins! Never went on holiday there (horrors!) but my mum worked there as a portrait artist when I was a little kid.

    The art studio in Butlins was situated in the ballroom. The portraits were done using chalk pastel, and one day mum’s hands were so dirty from rubbing the pastel into the paper to get the right effect that she needed to wash them. So she went to the nearby toilets to wash her hands. One of the guests was also in there and watched with horror at the amount of dirt mum was washing off her hands. She said to Mum, "It does get quite dirty here, doesn't it." In an effort to explain, Mum said, "Oh, I work here". So the lady asked where Mum worked, and Mum's wicked sense of humour kicked in… "I work in the kitchens" she said!

    1. JH: Love it. We went to Whitby or Scarborough N or S. Not as far as Bridlington.

  2. H/T Bill Sticker


    The powerful men behind puberty blockers (skip intro, starts at 12:20)


  3. Toodles~

    Oh Isilme, your mum sounds delightful! Thank you for sharing. 😊

    1. Isilme:
      Thanks Toodles - we had a lot of fun, Mum, my brother and I. Sadly she passed away (from dementia) at the end of January this year. I miss her so much, but have many happy memories - and a whole lot of her art too.

  4. Toodles~

    Isilme, sympathies on the recent loss of your dear mum. Thank you for sharing her with us. How refreshing to hear of your life together.

    As a mother I know how precious it is when one's children look fondly on their childhood. Nothing is perfect so for you to recall the fun had by your small family unit is a joy to hear.

    Just a day ago my daughter and I went down memory lane in which my mother, her grandmother, was the main topic. It has been about 17 years since she passed away, even so, our memories of her, are still vivid and bring us joy.

    Being surrounded by your mum's art work must be a comfort to you and 'fun' too! What a legacy she gave you and to others as well.

    Should you ever display any of her work on the blog (and it might be too personal for you) what fun for us. I have shared the dirty hands story with an artist friend which gave her such a hoot! 😉

    Your family fun lives on!


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