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2.  First of a fragmented mini-series

Though I don’t frequent or promote Woke sites such as Wired, Bored Panda etc., even the Register, there were some sites I did not unsubscribe from e.g. Wired, as it kept tech news up to date, with of course their slant.  

However, there is a more recent converging of Wokery with us as the marginally Woke who never read us do wake up to what’s going on behind the scenes and the lies, as the numbers continue not to add up.  

All right, so there it is.  And here this is from Wired:

(Ggl takes) the blame for the lack of competition in web searchThe US government is even suing to block the company from using allegedly monopolistic tactics, like making itself the default search engine in widely used software such as Android, Chrome, and Safari.

But some upstart search engines trying to woo users with privacy protections or ad-free searches say their latest challenge doesn’t come from Google. Instead, it’s Microsoft and its Bing search engine causing their aggravation.

Search startups have long relied on licensing search results from Bing, tapping a web indexing operation larger than a small company could easily afford and adding their own features and ways of parsing queries. But Microsoft’s rollout of a Bing search chatbot based on technology underlying OpenAI’s ChatGPT has prompted concerns that Microsoft is unfairly squeezing out its search data customers as it launches a renewed attempt to bite off more market share from Google.

A week after rolling out Bing chat in February, Microsoft announced that its standard fees for search data would increase by as much as 10 times starting in May.

Digressing from that theme, there’s a friend whose sister (not going to state it more accurately than that) was shown my photo of the chemtrail from my window from some weeks back. I can say they were laying something again yesterday. In a nutshell, that “sister” flatly denied the photo, from the angle that I’d doctored it … AIed it, that chemtrails do not exist.

Which made me reflect … I do have GIMP on laptop, plus she does not know I only use pad, not laptop at all now, plus I’m wondering how gimp could lay that crisscrossing on in that way … I’m certainly not up to it.  Well ok, a tech mate did it? Really? Juss for lil ole me? Maybe but it’s not the only shot, there are dozens from different countries, p,us it’s not a major theme here.

But it does raise the Yuri Bezmenov question of the hardwired, the toxic fixation with the Them narrative which the normies buy, psychologically, to protect themselves.

Then we come to the rather disturbing reference, somewhere in passing, that everything changes on April 1st in our dealings. This is supported by my two harassers of the moment … the power utility company and my NHS practice up the road, both of whom are changing policy on that date, for the worse.  There are big things going on out there, plus Sunpak and the SNP.

The food delivery company is having definite shortages, plus there are things like Liverpool running out of Carpol and Lemsip, all minor inconveniences at this point. Less minor are the 15 minute city attempts.  And all it takes is the banks, who’vecalready telegraphed their moves, ceasing to dispense cash … all then digital. 

The taxi firm which took over all local firms some years back has now been taken over by a “London consortium” and all drivers must put in card machines. It’s the aggregate of all these small moves which has me thinking … what if my flat letting agent has not been clever and will go down in a few days?  Where then am I?

As well, there is the vast inflow of non caucasians (not going to quibble with the pedants over thst word). Then there is that most drivers delivering to me are now Slavic … not a huge issue, personally, as at least they’re European, from “Christian” nations, though look what the mini-clown murderer, the puppet, is doing in the Ukraine.

So, what if the food deliveries cease on core foodstuffs? Well, go around to the shop.  And if it’s empty?  Well, I have a margin of time for sure.  And after that?  Who’s to say I’ll be here then anyway? And the heart meds?

I was then thinking … easy for me to say don’t panic, keep the head … wonder how long I’ll do that for, once on the street for real.  Fly somewhere?  Where?  And using what form of payment? I’m certainly not getting a Q code or whatever. Go through bins in the High Street?

As for this blog, the net itself? 

It’s March 28th today, readers.

1.  MftWC one

UK Oncologist warns Cancers are rapidly developing post-C**id Vaccination – “I am experienced enough to know this is not coincidental”


Mainstream media’s failure to report vaccine-induced damage due to “vaccine hesitancy” is like not reporting a nuclear attack for fear of “nuclear energy hesitancy”


US Department of Defense issued a contract for ‘C**ID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3 months before C**id was known to even exist


Fauci’s wife exploited her position at NIH to backstop husband’s C**id pandemic health directives


7 children paralyzed by polio virus derived from new Gates-funded polio vaccine


Future of Fake Medicine? Get ready for Woke medicine and Woke doctors who don’t know anatomy, working on Woke patients with make-believe anatomy


Check out this big list of “Woke” companies to boycott


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