Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Tuesday [3 to 7]


7.  Quick quiz question

Who is this, what’s the story?

I’ll have you know I always stand for women once they enter the room, I open doors too and seat them in cafes. So her request there is heeded.

6.  The “official” or ggl/wiki explanation is

That though is not my main source, nor the various pundits referring to it as such. My source is further down.

Against that are those big on the Uky flag in their avatars, the Woke left, plus normies, pro NATO, pro CIA. In other words, Timoshenko’s western Ukraine, plus NATO, CIA, US state cabalist at this moment. Others following suit are those who know no better, e.g. McGregor, various western pundits with little knowledge of the area from the Slavic standpoint.  

My source is a Ukrainian himself, family generations back into the mists of time, from the Donbass region. He’s pro-Clown, though he lives in Russia.  More to the point, he’s a simultaneous translator for govt there, so no normy. In short, he knows Eng to Rus nuances. 

Sorry to those readers anti-Russky and pro-Cabal, but N.O. is following that advice.

5.  NOWP has changed

Obviously a reaction to increased readership and there’s an inadvertent reason … WP is auto-posting to Twitter and as my presence there increases once more, more are seeing the new post  notice.  Against that, there’s nothing in the new posts themselves, that’s not where the action is.

What I’m saying is that at that point of notification, there is no content whatever.

After awhile, there are things such as Andy on money, IYE on the French Revolution, DAD on his various topics and soon there’ll be Evets with his Tuesday.

In response, Ggl have started hitting that WP blog with ads … interesting development.

4.  From TDS mailing some minutes ago

No url, you can find it over there.

The Conversation is obligatory reading for those aiming to keep fully up to speed with the latest climate, Net Zero and woke fantasies. It purports to be an independent source of news analysis, written by academic experts working with professional journalists. To the mainstream media, it offers “media-ready” experts and “free” content. It is funded by academic institutions and receives money from a number of billionaire Foundations. Media partners include Reuters, PA Media, Reach (owner of the MirrorExpressDaily Star and multiple local U.K. newspapers) and Apple News.

Collectivist economic solutions alongside the ubiquitous woke dogma are increasingly dominating debate around climate change. This blatantly political agenda is said to be dictated by ‘the Science’ which its advocates then refuse to discuss, a ruse used to disguise the paucity of evidence that humans control the climate thermostat. 

Net Zero is becoming the dividing line in the age-old battle between Right and Left, Free markets and Socialism, Cavaliers and Roundheads. In the U.S. the issue is rapidly becoming yet another fight between the Republicans and the Democrats. Similar trends are likely in the U.K. and Europe as Net Zero starts wreaking economic and social havoc.

3.  MftWC too

Military situation in Donbass on March 27, 2023 (Map Update)


Putin, shift from USD. China envy. No regime change for you. Protests Pakistan, Israel, France. U/1


A hazardous decision : Supplying [The] Ukraine with depleted Uranium shells


Douglas Macgregor: Limited resources and the collapse of (the) Ukraine


Calm before the storm in [The] Ukraine



  1. Twisted Root
    #7 - Women should not be in politics or the public realm. Her husband needs to be whipped in the public square for permitting this. The rest of us should try our very best to not derive sadistic pleasure at the sight of feminists being attacked by the golem they created.

  2. 6 - I tend to refer to it a lot as 404, as in "Error 404 - Not Found".

  3. 7 - Forgotten her name and it appears she's been wept from ggl search. She is one of the good ones, as I recall she's in a battle with the tranny freaks. Your picture shows her campaign defining what a woman is. This woman, for Twisted Root's information, is fighting against men in frocks being allowed in women's changing rooms or being sent to women's prisons. She deserves support.

  4. 7 - Found some of the info I was looking for. Her name is Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, a.k.a Posie Parker. Not anti-trans but anti-trans ideology. Trans activists showed up at her 'Let Women Speak' event in New Zealand and violently shut it down.


    And of course, where there are trannies, pedos soon follow. Jeffrey Marsh - a name to watch out for.


  5. From Charlotte Iserbyt (my hero) to Posie Parker ... how quickly it has happened.... maybe Posie 'needed' to go to OZ / NZ for this kick up the backside. But is this politics she's talking here - I'm not sure - three years ago, old now, but here she is



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