Sunday, March 19, 2023

Laetare Sunday [5 to 7]


7.  Laetare Sunday

Wiki: “Mothering Sunday is a day honouring mother churches, celebrated since the Middle Ages in the UK, Ireland and some Cwth countries … 4th Sun in Lent. Christians have historically visited their mother church—the church in which they received the sacrament of baptism.”

It’s also been hijacked as this ridiculous commercial “Mothers Day”. Every day should be your mother’s day.

6.  MftWC too

US & allies seek regime-change in Russia - Eric Suesse

Putin arrest warrant, ICC dooms Ukraine. Trump arrest? Macron Louis XVI. Diverse Bidenopoulos. U/1

Russia Laughs at 'Arrest Warrant'. US Banking Crisis Will Benefit Russia. 200 Banks Face Bankruptcy

Russian drones hit three M777, two M109 howitzers & RM-70 MRL of Kiev forces (Videos)

Scott Ritter: Ukraine Just Made A Fatal Mistake

Meatball Ron Says to Stop War Against Russia, Attack China

5.  Bundling again

Why on earth should it be so that the moment we take an interest in country walks, vistas, now and then flowers, certainly garden sheds and allotments … why must it be that if we love those things, must we also have to wallow in the mire of rainbows, Uke flags, climate bollox … I mean, how on earth does one follow on from the other?

Shirley the filth of a tranny paedo drag show has zero whatever to do with wholesome, healthy Sunday walks?

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