Sunday, March 19, 2023

Laetare Sunday [1 to 4]

 (0334) Bleedin birds out there hysterically discussing some local issue in the trees (0447).

4.  Some of these

3.  Well yes, of course

Honestly, I see zero reason to have either idiot box or radio these days when soc-med is just so good and the Beeb’s online anyway. The one thing I do miss is the shipping forecast, a guaranteed zonker for insomniacs. So reassuring it was in days of yore, you could almost smell that salt spray around our embattled little island.

I’m trying to imitate that assurance at N.O. … more than anything actually written by me, it’s just that it’s here, guaranteed, every single morning, rain, hail and shine, for better or worse. I take that very seriously you know … even on my deathbed I’d try to get MftWC out first thing, then DAD, then IYE a bit later, also the other readers.  Things change but I hope we’d keep going.

2.  MftWC one

How you were tricked into taking part in a Deadly Experiment that killed Millions through Midazolam Poisoning & C**ID Vaccination

New study reiterates basic grade school science, says children who catch a cold without vaccines develop natural immunity

Epidemic of S**den A**lt D**ths Finally Made News … (SADS)

Unearthed emails from 2020 prove that C**id PCR testing is a scam

The US Media Comes Up With a New Suspect for C-19 Origins — Raccoon Dogs

Metals like copper and gold can help end the C**ID-19 pandemic, say researchers

Cautionary tale..

Netherlands’ Land Grab: Dutch farmers are not safe yet - Jordan B Peterson interviews Michael Yon & Eva Vlaardingerbroek

1.  The wankery is now bad with these so called EVs

Just looked at JoNova site:

Feel the fear. The whole EV fantasy is coming undone as people miss planes, get stuck in cars, or ruin holidays because their battery is flat. There aren’t enough chargers, and charging is slow. In abject desperation, some Australian states are slapping monster fines on to make inadequate infrastructure stretch further, or because they realize how vulnerable they are to a protest campaign. Either that or they are actually trying to finance the transition to NetZero through parking fines. Call it a secret subsidy…

By the way, why am I not linking?  Because she runs a clever modern thing where the header has no permalink … that’s bad navigation, a pain in the backside.

Plus “open threads” are a troublesome device … it gives the impression of, “Well I’m off on a jolly, you plebs do as you like, I shan’t be looking.”

No doubt she would defend the idea by saying she does check on her phone.  Maybe, maybe not but tell me where her engagement is here:

There is a thing called netiquette from the old days in that we don’t attack fellow bloggers, esp. in their own tavern … and fair dos too, especially as I’ve ceased hyperlinking within post items, except occasionally.  That cessation has caused posts to stay up these days, so we can only wait and observe.

Coming back to this open thread thing … yes I know there’s a keep to the topic stipulation in the Ts and Cs but it seems to me that a light touch is needed.  Do you feel you can never bring up a new topic within our structure? Esp. as the strategy for getting around me zonking from late evening till early morning is NOWP being open 24/7.

My morning routine is email first, which includes all comments anywhere, then NOWP first look, esp. if one of you has written, then onto the biz of the day.  Usually changing the sidebar pic comes after that.

Anyway, here’s a golden illustration of whether we have open thread possibilities within our format but feel free, please. If you want me to drop in an open thread, say so and we might try it.


  1. "By the way, why am I not linking? Because she runs a clever modern thing where the header has no permalink … that’s bad navigation."

    Yes it is. I may be missing your point somewhat, but you don't need the header, on the left is a sidebar containing all the recent posts. Right-click on the post, copy/paste the address. If you have the page open you can also get the link from the browser address bar using the same method, which is exactly the same procedure for obtaining the address from the header.

    You are also guilty of bad navigation in the sense that you present links as plain text in posts. Though it causes no problems (select text, right-click, open link) but I fully understand the reasons why you have to do it this way.

    If I were to have a 'complaint' about the way you do things (I don't), it would be the items you show as graphics (tweets etc). Some are really interesting but no way of visiting the graphic article. Perhaps a plain text link below the graphic would be a nice thing to have.

    IMO open threads are an invitation for readers to start bickering, so strict forum rules need to be established with the risk of permanent banning for transgressors.

  2. Looks like something big is going down in Kiev on the 24th

    Russian 30mm single barrel cannon

    Roll up! Get your hero medals here!

    The Swiss ambassador to Russia? (contains sweary words)

  3. Open thread? No ta. We have one already - sort of - over yonder.

    1. I second that. Gosh, one more second and we'll have a #metoo movement.