Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday [14 till a Somber short, followed by the film episode]

Evening all.  This is the last political post this evening.

17.  Vale Mark Wadsworth

Microdave tipped us off, the fuller obit is on Saturday, HERE.

16.  IYE latest on France

15.  The science is settled?

14.  Hat tip DAD at NOWP

When will western women wake up that feminazis are very much part of the cabal, supporting the very things the cabal is doing? Women’s best interests are not served by Woke feminazis but by proper, normal women, unbrainwashed by ideology.


  1. Evets 1

    The Fatal Shot: Why the C**ID Vaccine caused a Public Health Catastrophe and Millions of Excess Deaths

    Vaccine advisers outraged as Moderna, government scientists concealed key data about C**ID boosters

    Rand Paul, Chip Roy Introduce Legislation to Eliminate Agency ‘Dr Tony’ Led for Decades

    Fertility rates dropping, miscarriages skyrocketing

    Stanford colluded with feds, Big Tech to create “The Great Covid-19 Lie Machine”

    The next “pandemic” is already planned: SARS + HIV + H5N1 (bird flu)

    Bill Gates: Portrait of Psychosis

    Reason not to buy: No. 9

    When an electric vehicle crashes, even in a minor accident, insurance companies junk the entire car because its battery has to be tossed

    1. JH: Was getting a bit worried about you.

  2. 17. Bad news indeed - one of the good guys.

  3. Evets 2

    Battle for Bakhmut: Despite superior Ukrainian grouping, Wagner fighters do not stop advance

    Russia Fast Progress Avdeevka, Advances Bakhmut, UK MoD Admits Russia Progress Kupiansk

    Graham to Blinken, arrest Putin. DeSantis, Russia gas station with nukes. Hersh, The Cover Up. U/1

    Blinken, Belarus envoy for regime change. Massive protests France. Macron's 80,000 EURO watch. U/1

    How Does China Change the War in Ukraine? - Judge Napolitano | Larry Johnson

    They want Ukraine destroyed, and Putin is ready | Redacted with Clayton Morris

    US Veteran & His Ukraine Experience Accused of Being Fraud - Judge Napolitano | Jack Posobeic

  4. Evets 3

    Trump: ‘The Whole Country Sees What is Going On, and They’re Not Going to Take it Anymore’

    President Trump Continues to Beat Biden in New General Election Poll, Destroys Ron DeSantis In Primary By 31%

    Rep. Tiffany at ATF Hearing: “Why Hasn’t Hunter Biden Been Prosecuted for the Crime that He Committed?” (Video)

    “It’s Possible the FBI Has Been Working with Hunter Biden” – Tucker Carlson Discusses FBI Mole Named “One-Eye” (Video)

    Micki Witthoeft Met with Speaker McCarthy on Thursday for the First Time Since Her Daughter Ashli Babbitt’s Death – Here Is What She Told Us

  5. Evets 4

    Clueless Leaders Don’t Understand Why Recruitment for Woke Military is Down

    Matt Gaetz Obliterates Witness at Hearing on DEI in the Armed Forces (Video)

    Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zakharova: “Western Govts Want to Distract from Nord Stream Facts by Any Means Possible”

    Macron’s Pension Reform Ignites Biggest Protests in 50 Years, and Chaos in France Forces King Charles III to Postpone State Visit With Lavish Ball in Versailles Palace

    National Crisis: CDC Says 1 in 36 Children Now Identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder


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