Saturday, March 25, 2023

Vale Mark Wadsworth

This below replaces the initial Friday post at N.O.

Saturday's post - a personal view

Whenever we lose one, the "sphere" loses far more than a vlogger or tweeter/gabber ... it loses that man or woman's personal space, his/her home and please wipe your feet before entering.

Anna's home

The last one is still this side of the Styx, as we are ... for how much longer will any of us be, to be maudlin about it?  Personally, I avoid funerals and weddings like the plague, I might not even send anything ... probably won't.  It's truly not disrespect ... it's just too close for comfort.

I knew Mark from his own site and briefly at OoL, plus he's a Scriblerus ... that's in present tense as no one passing over leaves Scriblerus, you have to get out before. 😎 

He did have a connection with OoL:

Our mutual love was not so much LVT, it was cows:

Mark was also a sketcher of no mean skill:

And music was his thang as well:

Politically, he and I did not see eye to eye on many things but as Mr. Hall says below, he was quite a guy, as a person. He'll be badly missed, sadly missed, by many. RIP Mark.

Friday's post

You might have trouble commenting over there … doesn’t seem to be working. We’ll do a post tomorrow, not right now. Need to talk to Julia first.

Hat Tip Microdave.

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