Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thursday [1 to 3]

Morning all.  Overslept by hours, am right behind, will catch up slowly today.

3.  DAD on Thursday

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1.  It’s 0924 when I start this

It was a bad night, I am unwell (hopefully temporarily), I only awoke around 0830 anyway, no post scheduled but plenty in the pipeline to go … and immediately, I both realised I had to post first at OoL, plus a piece of bollox came up at TDS, plus to address it, in itself, is a litigious and physically dangerous minefield, mire, swamp, den of misunderstandings … task.  A hiding to nothing.

I’d not say it over there but would here, where I feel more open, that they’re different readerships.  Here, it’s largely those who have gone the distance with me, both friendly and hostile or dismissive.  Over there, it’s far more mainstream thought, on the strength of the previous iteration of OoL, combined with N.O. readers who know much, down to the number of contributors bringing their material.

I know exactly why this man infiltrated TDS but I’d lay odds that Toby, Will and the brass would not be M25 aware.  This is the bit which decided me to post on it:

 There is undoubtedly a worldwide government agenda to reduce the population. This is stated openly by people in power. But what is stated publicly is an effort to reduce the population over time by reducing population growth. And the stated means of achieving this is to lower the birthrate by reducing child mortality, improving the standard of living and creating greater access to contraception and abortion. Nobody is stating openly that they are going to reduce the population by killing people and making them infertile.”

You wot?  Effing hell, this man is serious.  Bill Gates does not have a depopulation sgenda, any which way?  Great Reset and all that?

What we have here is a clash of civilisations … his … and ours.  I tried to explain at OoL.


  1. Steve

    Morning James, hope you're feeling better. No, he's not a medical doctor:

    'Dr Josh Guetzkow is Senior Lecturer in Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.'

    Nor is this bloke:

    Dr Mike Yeadon on depopulation, ventilation/ sedative murders and the SARS-COV-2 theory being wrong

    1. What about the rest of Josh Guetzkow's credentials that you missed?

    2. Steve

      Ok, I'll have a look.

      Josh Guetzkow, Ph.D.

      'Josh Guetzkow is a senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology and the Institute of Criminology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard University with the Robert Wood Johnson Scholars in Health Policy Research Program. He has received no financial support for his work on vaccine safety and has no conflicts of interest to declare.'

      Nothing there that suggests he has any expertise in the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Or was the point you wished to make different from mine?

    3. It was a tad misleading and we wouldn't want to mislead readers of ONO.

    4. JH: Criticism still very much stands, not misleading in the least. At the same time, the broader context is always necessary.