Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Wednesday [20]

Just a few more:


  1. MftWC 3

    Kari Lake Files First Complaint Against Maricopa County, Says She Has Whistle Blowers and Smoking Gun Evidence of Uncertified Printers and Dominion Employees With “Unfettered Access” (Video)

    Down Ballot Arizona GOP US House Races Received Thousands More Votes Than Arizona Races for Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General and US Senate – Impossible

    “See You In Court” – Arizona Attorney General Nominee Abe Hamadeh Files First Lawsuit Contesting Rigged 2022 Election In Arizona

    #AZREVOTE – Patriots In Arizona Plan Huge Protest In Front Of Arizona Capitol This Weekend

    It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again: Ronna McDaniel and GOP Skipped Town after Arizona Election Chaos and Massive Voter Suppression

    Emerson Poll Released – President Trump Is Crushing Competition – Demographics Say It All

  2. MftWC 4

    Bolsonaro’s Party in Brazil Files Legal Complaint Challenging Lula’s Election Steal

    Kevin McCarthy Calls on DHS Chief Mayorkas to Resign or Face Impeachment (Video)

    Greg Abbott Mobilizes Texas National Guard to Protect the Southern Border

    Elon Musk Confirms Twitter’s Corrupted Censorship Program that He Inherited Targeted Conservatives

    Klaus Schwab says Communist China is a “Role Model for Many Countries” in Creating the “New World of Tomorrow” (Video)

    An Insider’s View of the Hell Ukraine’s Military Faces Everyday

  3. MftWC 5

    Under Grilling from Lawyer for Canadian Trucker Convoy, Trudeau Officials Can’t Name Evidence That Justified Emergencies Act

    The Fauci Deposition from Bethesda, MD

    29-Year-Old Yorkshire Rugby Player and Club Captain Dies Suddenly

    Pilot Dies Suddenly After Collapsing Shortly After Take-off from Chicago Airport (Audio)

    Washington Post: The Vaccinated Now Account for a Majority of C**ID Deaths


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