Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sunday [5 and 6]

Mid to late morn.

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5.  Incoming from the West Country

5 million Watch Stew Peters’ New ‘D**d S**denly’ Film in First 24 Hours, Smashing Left-Wing Censors

Telling (Non) Reactions to the Film ‘D**d S**denly’

Official UK Document from The Ministry of Health Reveals C**id Never Existed

Confidential Pfizer Documents & New Study confirm C**ID ‘Vaccine Shedding’ has been occurring with shocking & dangerous consequences

Danger: "Anti-Vaccine" thoughts are a mental illness requiring "Treatment" - Amazing Polly

Despite constant propaganda, populations across the World are finally rejecting the Covid Injection

"The Band-Aid has been ripped off": 30 per cent of parents now question the entire vaccine schedule

Brilliantly Difficult: The Power of Bob Moran’s Work in a Time of Crisis

GMC under mounting pressure to get honest and straight

A baby is injected with 24 diseases by the age of 24 weeks

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  1. "The fight for narrative supremacy is on Twitter
    Anticipating the restoration of equal (enough) rights of access to the public square"

    "AZ round up"