Thursday, August 04, 2022

Try these

What do you know about:
  1. Alan Smithee
  2. The Shed at Dulwich
  3. Prester John
  4. The Cardiff Giant
  5. Piltdown Man
  6. The Masked Marauders
  7. HMS Dreadnought and the Abyssinians


  1. 3. Prester John was a mythical christian traveller, rumoured to be a ruler of many different countries, but never proved to exist.
    4. The Cardiff Giant was an archaeological hoax , a body supposedly dug up in America
    5. Piltdown Man was another archaeological fake, bones put together to make a 'missing link'

    If you're up to form, I guess the others may be hoaxes as well, but I've never heard of any of them

  2. I only know about Nos 3 and 5. Prester John was a fantastically exciting (to a little boy) novel by John Buchan. Set in South Africa it features mysterious men, tales of bravery and the search for treasure.

    Piltdown man was a famous hoax. It purported to be the missing link between apes and the first homo sapiens and was supposed to have been found in a quarry near Piltdown. Really it had been faked with fossil fragments and the skull of a chimpanzee by a man called Dawson. It set back the study of the specialism by 30 years which was how long it took to discover the forgery.

  3. 1-7 Fakes, frauds 'n' hoaxes.

    1. Chaps, I didn’t even know the quiz went up, all over the place here on the new ipad. Shall work out how to put the Safari app in place, then get back to you.