Thursday, August 04, 2022

Thursday [14 till close of play]


18.  Interim report

… on the ipad air 5.  Fast, powerful, stupid typing in of details in forms, still working out how to do it.  Someone invented a new way which doesn’t work.  Shall try a youtube after this, just to see.

17.  Evets 4

Thought I’d forgotten, eh?

16.  Drum roll

… first attempt at posting images on the new device:

15.  Dearieme lifts our spirits

There's some evidence that stents aren't much cop.


  1. "stole a vile": he's confusing the vaxx with Nancy Pelosi.

  2. Re the Stew Peters intreview - Matt Taylor must have got some pretty "vial" stuff there...

  3. Evets 1

    Clanet Povid (Murdering Bastards Edition):

    While you were distracted by Boris resigning the UK Government published indisputable evidence that the Covid-19 Vaccines are deadly and are killing people in the Thousands: Mortality Rates are lowest among the Unvaccinated in all Age Groups

    Life insurance claims skyrocket after COVID jab rollout, prompting insurers to take legal action against vaccine manufacturers

    They Are Inoculating The Population With Graphene Oxide & Nano-Tech (LaQuintaColumna)

    Dr Doom Steps Down

    Are Viruses Even A Scientific Theory? By Dr Sam Bailey

  4. Evets 2

    Clanet Povid cont.

    Truth shall prevail: People are now pushing back against COVID-19 vaccines

    Covid “Vaccine” News: Big Tech Continue to Censor but People Continue to Wake Up

    The NHS Flaunts Power Over the UK Government

    Quercetin, Bromelain and NAC for COVID (2022)

    Medical Professor Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Big Pharma

  5. Evets 3


    Russia Storms Ukraine Defences in Donbass, Zelensky Admits Outgunned, Speaks of 'Hellish' Condition

    “These Are Animals, Not People”: Zelensky Frees Convicted Child Rapists, Torturers To Reinforce Depleted Military

    China's Maidan moment. Vucic to Brussels. Elensky wants more HIMARS. Update 1

    Another PoW Camp Hit. Ukraine Shells A Funeral In Donetsk. 400 UA Soldiers Killed. 3 Brigades Flee

    1. Steve, hope you don't mind me asking, but please, when posting Youtube videos, wind it back to the beginning before copying the link. You see, if you stop the video half way through, when you grab the link there's a bit added on, which is the time you stopped it (example in your first item above). So what we get is the link that starts halfway through when we follow it. As we can see, your link reads


      the "&t=1625s" on the end means "start playing at 1625 seconds in". If you delete that bit from the link you get the original which starts at the beginning. In this particular case there was 1min left when the link is followed from the comments. Its not a problem as such, well, not for me anyway, just an annoyance if the link is followed without reading it first.

    2. Steve

      Apologies, I was probably in a rush and forgot. I post in batches of six on average and those that are video I sometimes do not watch at the time of posting. Here it is in full:

  6. Evets 4

    The EU Has Begun its Retreat. “First Steps in Unravelling Energy and Food Sanctions on Russia”

    Germany Hits Wall Of Reality, Reconnects First Coal Power Plant To Energy Grid

    GB News: Eva Vlaardingerbroek & Mark Steyn Call Out The Communists UN Social Credit Score

    When The Messiah Comes, The Goyim Are Done

  7. Evets 5

    80.0 per cent of In-Person Voters in Maricopa County on Election Day Voted Republican – Only 23.4 per cent Voted Democrat

    Voters in Maricopa County Now Reporting Their Votes Were Thrown Out and Didn’t Count

    Pinal County Elections Director Resigns After Primary Election Debacle – County Recorder To Fill Role


    Dirty Chris Wray Says FBI Is Still Investigating Fake Conspiracy Charges related to January 6th — FBI Is Still Looking for 350 Americans to Arrest

    FBI Is Hiding Security Camera Video of Jan. 6 Pipe Bomber Planting Bomb at DNC Headquarters

    Political Prisoner Writes Tell-All Letter From Prison About His Experience with the Notorious Operative Ray Epps

    Justice Department Sues Peter Navarro to Compel Him to Produce Trump White House Emails After FBI Put Him in Leg Irons in Ambush Arrest

  8. Evets 6

    Braincell update:

    Quadruple Vaxxed Joe Biden Tests Positive For Covid Again.. Still Has a Cough, Will Continue to Isolate

    Biden Regime Declares Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency

    New Poll Finds Voters Blame Biden And Democrats For Running Economy ‘Into The Ground’

    San Diego Unified School District Will Teach Children That Heterosexuality is Oppressive – And Promote “Genderqueer,” “Non-Binary” Identities

    Graham Phillips: British Reporter Is Exiled and Has His Banking Accounts Frozen for Telling the Truth

    Bank of England Initiates Largest Interest Rate [increase] in 27 Years — Predicts Longest Recession Since Global Financial Crisis

    “The Terminal List” — Was the Hollywood Hit Series Starring Chris Pratt Influenced by Current Events Within the Department of Defense?