Friday, August 05, 2022

For Apple fanbois only

Just left my review of this ipad air fifth generation.  I’m typing at you from my sunroom, which was a rain room earlier.  Cuppa covfefe at the ready.

Now, just as with Christianity and Porsche or Beema drivers … you love em, hate em or pretend to be indifferent.  My techie mates do not swear by the product, highly overpriced for the restrictive crap it is, they say … but of course, they’re not daily users.

And the prestige of touting an Apple is something I’m afraid I can’t see.  A bit like my Bang and Olufsen through Celestion Ditton towers decades ago, it’s the tone, the sound, the ease of operation … although I preferred the Quad.

The initial experience of the ipadA5 was not good, partly because the 4 [below] was in its case and I sure as hell wasn’t pulling that thing apart again, just to sit the 4 by the 5 and let cyber intercourse have its bluetooth way.

So I had to do it manually, inc. BT hub and if you think that’s nothing, read on, Macduff, as we say at N.O.  You see, it would not let me type using the keyboard, it had some stupid drag to reveal uppercase and numbers, which did not work.

However, a double tap brought up the keyboard but it really does not like mixed letters and numbers.  Once it got the hang of it though, 5, the rest was pure Apple … photos, music etc., plus all blogging tools.  Good.

Now, how much better is it than the 4?  

Well, for sheer power and speed, which is awesome … yes, it does eclipse the 4.  But it also has a myriad short cuts, one being a sane way of screenshotting and volume upping and downing for a start.  It’s the goods, this device.

You see, what I need above all, cybernetically, is firstly that it always works, secondly that it’s crisp, bright, sharp, that it gives me so many options in colour and tone.  Now, before you pooh-pooh that as very hairdresserish in a 70s Escort Cabriolet way, there are the shortcuts relying on a light touch, two, three finger clicking etc.  In short, if I’m putting out material at N.O. and keeping up with the boys and gals, I need superfast composition, able to drag in an edited something instantly.

And it does this very well.  As for heavy gaming and film watching, well I just don’t know … I write, I read blogs, watch polit-vids, eat and sleep.  One happy man here.

And I was giving the 4 a hell of a bashing, up to 14 hours a day … hey … it needed a break.  Haven’t photographed the 5 yet because, let’s face it, it looks just like the 4 on the surface.  Needs a 2m USB C cable but as the 4 has one, maybe I shan’t for now.

Apple pencil?  Not agin it but just not the time. Magic keyboard?  Nah, this is still quick on screen.  So there it is through my eyes.


  1. Good day Sir. First I must say, You have never failed to entertain and inform me since I found you about 3 months ago. Bravo for that! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    As to this- And it does this very well. As for heavy gaming and film watching, well I just don’t know … I write, I read blogs, watch polit-vids, eat and sleep. One happy man here.
    It seems we are kindred spirits. However, I do on a daily basis, after a 12 hour or sos gift of doing those things, relax by streaming movies (in 4K from various sites. I use VPN which allows for countless sites with various preferences. That is, most offer the recent movies/tv series. Some specialize in old classics, b&w, documentaries). I also watch Netflix, Apple TV+ and Amazon.

    I do all of the above activities using “airplay” to connect to a 65” LG Smart TV ( few “smart” TVs allow such a connection.

    This has worked flawlessly for me since before medical martial law came into existence. I use the next to last “basic” iPad. Which is now 4-5 years old. Sad to say perhaps, this is my normal, daily life. Again, the configuration has been flawless each day.

    I wish you success with your “system “ and NO as well.

    G-d bless you my friend.

    1. Thank you and must say immediately that there’s nothing wrong with a 4-5 year old ipad, I have one here sitting in a drawer and it was working yesterday. Your set up does the job for you. VPN is nice too … just haven’t felt the need except when the last N.O. went down … second last I mean.