Friday, August 05, 2022

Friday [7 and 8]


8.  DAD

Could the number of children in a two parent family be the key to beating tax rises?

The key to our answer lies in a compelling essay for the Institute of Family Studies. In a discussion of the dire state of the traditional family in America, Kay Hymowitz reports a serious decline in the number of children living in the same household as both their parents.

7.  Two screenshots

On the first, your humble blogger had a thought ... why do people drop into this "we" business, as in "we must" when the nub of the issue is that there is no self-acknowledged "we", agreed on all points like the brainwashed Wokerati, but a rather far flung, unherdable cats who could no more combine than agree.

There is a number being done on the bourgeoisie and productive parts of society, those not of the Wokerati see it, those who don't turn their fathers into Woke plod and courts for 7 years inside.

Kari Lake was a limus test of corruption and corruption did its thing ... now some heads will roll but mostly they'll retire on cushy, taxpayer-funded packages.

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  1. I agree about "we". I won't read any newspaper article with a headline along the lines of "How we came to ...".

    P.S. Lenin quotations: I've learned not to trust them. He's a quotation magnet, like Churchill, Mark Twain, Einstein, ...