Monday, June 27, 2022

Monday [1 to 6]

Morning all.

6.  The green twin

There ya go.

5.  Daily Sceptic today

EU Renews Vaccine Passport Scheme Despite Overwhelmingly Negative Public Feedback

All you need to know about the evil, arrogant muvvers with the agenda.

4.  IYE

How's yer fertility?

3.  pete

... the real genesis of oil is not fossil material but a self replenishing substance from 20 killometers down near the earths core ...


2.  Man from the West Country

[Inspired by him anyhoo].  How many dead or alive?

There are so many with Truth in the title now [not even counting Kamala].  Continuing a cheerful rainy Monday morn - genocide.

Urgent nat-sec-meet in the Kremlin.  You from the Kremlin?  Well, Rose, plenty of towns gotta Kremlin. Is the British Army up to snuff?  Pardon me.

1.  Those West Country folk

... sure are different:

Ian J:


  1. One of those links in no.2 mentions Jack Heart. I have this written by him in my vault.

    It is dusty as I haven't read it in a while.

  2. 3. This theory of oil's mineral basis, that it is not fossil based but due to heat and pressure and effectively a part of the carbon cycle, is not a new idea. I remember reading about this theory, I believe Russian scientists were suggesting it decades ago, and it sounded sensible then.

    1. It was (also?) promoted by Tom Gold of Cambridge and Cornell. I used to tell my students about it as an example of "what everyone knows may not be true". Nowadays you find chumps who automatically and uncritically accept "mainstream" views. And that's the opposite of science.

    2. video of Col. Fletcher Prouty on ... Why the Rockefeller petroleum industry adopted the use of the term "Fossil Fuels"