Saturday, May 14, 2022

A mask below your nose

Far from bothering with this talentless hack Patti Lupus with the unfortunate condition, whom I should just have ignored ... when I first read about her screaming at an audience member who'd paid through the nose for her drivel, I confess I did feel that old, familiar, repeated stamping of the hoof at this clear red rag.  

Seems this poor Demrat in NYC, maybe in the broad's way, had offended by wearing a mask below his nose, a wise precaution to prevent certain sickness ... anyway, this supposed 'comic actress' went beserk and it's not the first time ... she's had audience members thrown out before.

Right, so the obvious and appropriate response would be to organise half a dozen people to attend her next performance, each armed with his or her own mini-repertoire ... ideas might include these from her bios:
Evita was the worst experience of my life," she said. "I was screaming my way through a part that could only have been written by a man who hates women. And I had no support from the producers, who wanted a star performance onstage but treated me as an unknown backstage. It was like Beirut, and I fought like a banshee. 

When Patty Lupus played Mama Rose in Gypsy and sang Everything’s Coming Up Roses, that wasn’t an invitation to throw roses at her head, which is what happened to her during the curtain call for Tuesday night’s performance of Company on Broadway. La Lupus laughed it off but said that when an audience member throws roses, they should aim for the feet and take out the thorns.
Hmmm, some excellent ideas in there.  Perhaps just at the climactic moment, in OTT adoration, and with masks reverently below noses?

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