Saturday, May 14, 2022

The Capgras feature and a half

You're not being paranoid, my dear, they really are out to take you over.

There's a reason for running these two together ...

... which may or may not become apparent:

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a prime example of economical film craft achieving maximum effect. No big stars, pyrotechnics death rays or Godzillas, just suspense through subtlety with a firm grip on pace and mechanics. Director Don Siegel does a masterful job of creating a nightmarish thriller in ironic setting by means of tight editing, ominously lit oblique angled compositions and the placid demeanors of the invaders disguised as locals that wash over this average middle America community. With the enemy being us suspense leaps out from the most unlikely of places and it provides for one paranoid exciting chase."

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  1. I only had time for the Carolyn Jones clip. I grew up with the Addams family (never took to the munsters), unfortunately with my height, Lurch was a nickname at school! but it was lovely to see what a career she had, and what acting skill! Will try to watch the bodysnatchers tomorrow.