Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Things are not as they ever were before they were

Just as meaningless a statement in the heading as the eternal 'our time was better' ... older generations have been saying that for how long?

AKH has a point of view on it and a good one it is too in the light of the 'singer' he names near the end:

So I started thinking about decades of music and you know ... there were stinkers too in the 20s we play on Sundays, we're not crazy for orchestrated swing either and so it goes on.  I remember sitting in the back of the family car early 60s and there was a song 'Scram'.  It had to have been the worst song ever, bereft of any redeeming features, even worse than Macarthur Park and that was bad.  Don't even start on glam rock outfits.

Right, all of that is by the by, no doubt someone will defend Gary Glitter or Macarthur Park ... but one thing most devotees of music have agreed upon, and they're all over the place, these critiques, is that it took a quantum downturn in the 2000s onwards.  Not just that but it's identifiable why.  

From overproduced and autotuned to the low quality of the human howling, throwing her adenoidal voice about, told how well she sings, making a mint out of the tonedeaf yoof today, plus the satanism, it's bad ... really, really low.  There are zero classics now, not even from that ginger scruff Ed someone who is far from perfect.

It's not that I won't listen out of my era - in the 90s, the girls used to play me their songs and some were quite good.  In 2013, I was working in a shop, training up a Duke of Edinburgh girl of 14 and she played me some songs, so did one guy.  I liked some Bruno Mars.  But overall ... really dire, not even really songs, just programmed sounds.


  1. I met Richard Harris in The Coal Hole in The Strand once upon a time. He was very succinct.

    "F*%k off you little c#@t"... I went off the song after that.

  2. I felt a lot better after 'he got what was coming' in The Wild Geese mind you.