Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thursday [11 to 17]

17.  Don't know what to say here

DJT left his supporters in the lurch on Jan 6th.  Also, his habit of backing the wrong horse continues:

16.  Dailytimewaster

The significance of this item is that it comes from a blogger who scarcely touches politics, yet here this is:

Huntington Ingalls previously said all of its 25,000 workers would need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a “condition of continued employment” due to the vaccine mandate for federal workers and contractors.  However, Newport News Shipbuilding President Jennifer Boykin said Thursday that Huntington Ingalls clarified their Navy contracts “don’t include a vaccine mandate at this time.

This suggests to me that the lying narrative is in some sort of trouble in the workplace. 

15.  Ian J

Still no mention of this in the UK MSM - it takes a US site to report:

Will the SHTF? obviously not if our MSM have anything to do with it!

14.  PD

a.  Someone is keeping track of these. Cannot verify as I don't follow sports anymore so the names don't mean much to me  

b.  Nothing has changed with the New Age clap-trap. It is more accurately to call it New Age Enterprises. Only yesterday I saw in passing three stooges engaging in a supposed World Healing "ritual". The woman leading it threw everything at it - mother Mary energies, whatever they're supposed to be, along with calling on "our higher galactic families", St Uncle Tom Cobley an' all. I watched about 3 mins of it in horrified fascination and here's the thing. As she got started the chap in charge put up their links to Paypal and had that running across the bottom of the video while this "ritual" was taking place. That particular YT channel has over 50k subscribers and they also have a pay-per-view thing going AND an "insider access pass" at only $240 a year. One of the other participants has over 100k subscribers. Nice little earner, innit! No different really from the church in the Middle Ages getting money for indulgencies. 

13.  IYE

12.  Time for a new internet?

Was going to attribute this, then thought no, I need to protect the sender:

11.  David Thompson quotes

So, why would the influx of women into academia have contributed to its leftward shift, and to the rise of woke activism in particular? 

As the psychologist Cory Clark notes, women are consistently less supportive of free speech than men, and consistently more supportive of censorship. 

Compared to men, they’re more likely to say: that hate speech is violence; that it’s acceptable to shout down a speaker; that controversial scientific findings should be censored; that people need to be more careful about the language they use; and that it should be illegal to say offensive things about minorities…

Women are disproportionately represented in Grievance Studies (i.e., disciplines like Gender Studies and Critical Race Theory), which are often little more than a vehicle for left-wing activism… 

Almost 80% of bachelor’s degrees in “Ethnic, Gender, and Cultural Studies” are awarded to women… [Academia’s left-wing skew] appears to be greater among female academics than among male ones. 


  1. Sorry I posted in the wrong place - and forgot to link.

    re:14/15. Another one - I hadn't expected it so soon. I hope he (and all others) recover and the likely causes* investigated and reported.

    *Unlikely on the BBC - they haven't even put the humberside fire on the national site

  2. When has Trump aligned himself with Lin Wood? I thought it was the other way round? Wood jumped on the Trump bandwagon and cosied up to Flynn & Powell & Rudy Guilliani.
    Wood claimed he helped Nick Sandeman sue various news outlets but I read the other day that it was some chap called McGurty or McGurthy? Suppose he could've helped too, idk. Anyhoo, Mr McG is the one helping Rittenhouse sue the news outlets for defamation.
    Lin Wood seemed dodgy imo esp when telling the people of Georgia not to bother voting in their equivalent of a by-election at the beginning of this year which was contra to the advice coming from DJT's camp.

  3. 15, there is a bit of a comment in the Mail about the latest collapse but with lots of debunking and excuses. As always the comments are both depressing and encouraging at the same time.