Thursday, November 25, 2021

An interlude for a couple of hours

Was seriously thinking of a 'wimmin in locomotion' post but a slight regression to the mean lurgy and renewed back issue, along with Thanksgiving - maybe tomorrow for the speedy sisters, pictures are on the laptop.  Instead, this offering from pete we're thankful for:


  1. re:14/15. Another one - I hadn't expected it so soon. I hope he (and all others) recover and the likely causes* investigated and reported.

    *Unlikely on the BBC - they haven't even put the humberside fire on the national site

  2. sorry, I forgot to link!

  3. "Can" used this on an early album : "CanAnaxis5" -

  4. You may have seen this today.. Omicron - 1963 comedy sci-fi film - review : an alien takes over the body of a factory worker in order to learn about the planet so his race can take it over - if you should want to watch it click on the cog (settings) and find 'auto translate'

    also wanted to say - the Vietnam woman song (used on CanAnaxis5 ) I thought was a grieving - but apparently.. it's a lullaby! - - - and - - - Aldi's black 'Cassario' rum 40% at £15 is worth every penny :-)