Saturday, November 27, 2021

Housekeeping - for the nighthawks

Continues the fun from 40 minutes ago.

01:10: Morning, nighthawks, if you're still here or America has joined us.  Well, we have a lull of around 45mph, a few things breaking out there, not a lot, second front due about 2 a.m. or so.  Not a lot of point trying for sleep.  How are you managing there?

01:20: Seems to be building again, dry, warm, fed, pulled back is resting.  Bring it on.

07:33: 5 degrees C, around 45mph, an improvement, got a long sleep in, back still not good, walking on three legs.  Wind moderates late afternoon apparently.  Signing off on this topic unless there are any developments.  Cheers. You ok there?


  1. Shortly after mentioning that it hasn't hit here - it hit here. Strong winds, not at all storm force, plenty of rain. Rain stopped, wind has died down. Colder but not freezing, another log on the fire (they'll never know what happened to the Belgrano now!).

  2. This is excellent and worth every minute of your attention (17 of them)...