Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tuesday [till end of play]

To the bitter end.

11.  Late snippets

a.  Check out the latest at NOWP.

b.  Epoch headline: Oregon Senators Call for Investigation Into Alleged COVID-19 Statistical Manipulation

c.  PD:  There's a link between the advice given here 


Not a fan of the woman but sometimes...

c.  PD:  This was posted in reply to the feds spraying no-toxic gas down the underground in NYC

d.  PD:  On Tuesday 8:  8. this is longer and boring from waaaaaay back. Originally from godlike productions.

10.  It all comes at the same time

Having a lovely conversation with a proper woman and suddenly the evening things arrived.  First was about the demi-woman Harris of cackling infamy and the item came from RooBee, who is a proper woman, not a hideous harpy like Harris.  It was about Harris paying child actors to pull that stunt.

That obviously leads to the topic of deliberately fostering resentment in order to provoke someone.  This is the whole point - keep pushing someone's interests who never even asked for it, over and over and over, all day every day, until annoyance and enmity results.  There's some ludicrous thing about Day of Girls today, absolutely no need as there are children's festivals, multiple Mothers' Days during the year, plus International Day of Women.

I don't even mind those but where is the Day of Boys?  Day of Men?  I don't want one, don't need one, and you know exactly what this is about.  There is such a thing as deliberate misunderstanding with malice aforethought - whoever dreamed this up clearly knew the effect it would have.

What I deeply resent ... and am meant to ... is that no sooner do I have a good thing going with a lady and maybe another and maybe another in blogland, things are calm and nice ... along come these cows to wreck it.  Take this one for example:

The one I feel sorriest for there is the actual black woman the statue is about.  She obviously contributed to her field as best she could, probably even did well, she lived, worked, died, those who loved her buried her and that's as it should have been.

Until these feminazi cows come along again and have to destroy. And there are just as many proper women against these cows as men are.  Except of course for Soy Boys.  

Now there was one I can half remember - Hollywood actress, a right slapper, something in Maths, Hedy Lamarr it was, and then there was that one who, together with some man invented the computer.  All fine, no argument, well done.  At least they deserved the fawning over but were I this lady in the statue, I'd be embarrassed.

Then onto another appalling demi-woman who gives the gender a bad name, via one who gives the gender a good name - Rossa's mother:

Moving away from that lowlife to another, via the Slog this time, and seemingly male:
And so it goes on.


  1. Steve

    Planet Covid (No Parachutes Edition):

    Multiple Sources Confirm "Vaxxed" Pilot Died In The Air - Airline Covering It Up Along With Numerous Other Health Issues For Pilots & Flight Attendants (Video)


    Austrian MP Collapses Under The Weight Of Lies: Another Covid Injection Victim?


    How Israeli Ministry of Health, deleted thousands of testimonies


    Shocking Allegation: Australia’s Gladys Berejiklian was Blackmailed by Big Pharma to Impose Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate


    Vaccination Centre In Cardiff Gets Served!


    Jeremy Vine (BBC) Served With Notice Of Liability


    Midazolam That Killed Thousands Of Elderly People And Was Called The 'First Wave' Of 'COVID' In 2020


    1. Steve

      Brave Veteran Pilot Speaks Out Against Vaccine Mandates (VIDEO)


      In August 2020 TGP Reported Per the CDC that COVID Deaths Were Overcounted – Now Lawmakers Want Federal Grand Jury to Investigate


  2. grumpy
    #10 ties in with both the NSW Health Minister and Chief Health Officer using the term 'New World Order' in recent press conferences.
    It's not the once off, you gotta look for the patterns.

  3. Steve

    Maricopa County:

    Arizona Attorney General Fires Off Letter to Secretary of State — Demands Documents Based on Forensic Audit Results


    Arizona State Rep Wendy Rogers Wants “Less Letters, More Arrests”


    Fulton County:

    Two Georgia Election Workers Fired After Allegedly Shredding Hundreds of Voter Registration Applications


    More Than Half of Americans Believe Cheating Tainted the 2020 Presidential Election and the Number of Americans Who Believe This Is Increasing


    Eric Coomer:

    Coomer Deposition Released! Verifies Antifa Facebook Posts, Extreme Left Bias


    “Only Fucking Idiots Voted for Trump” – Eric Coomer Admits Under Oath that Dominion Executives Share His Extreme Far Left Beliefs


    “Fuck the USA!” – Dominion’s Eric Coomer Admits Under Oath to Being former Skinhead, Heroin Addict – Lied in Denver Post Screed (VIDEO)


    The Donald:

    The CIA “Continued the Effort to Try to Destroy Trump and They Realized the Only Way They Could Do It Was They Had to Steal the Election” – Former CIA and State Department Employee Larry Johnson