Wednesday, October 13, 2021

To our readers

This opens with a plaintive wail from one of our readers that it's so confusing now where exactly to post a comment or what's allowed.  That's fair comment and certainly Blgr has put a spanner in the works.

The essential problem comes down to two entirely opposed realities or more accurately, the unreality, the outright Lie being pushed worldwide as The Great Reset, the communist takeover of our lives summed up in 1954 by Senator William Jenner and here summed up by Mr. Dalrymple:

Most people, being essentially apolitical and adhering to the old golden rules of not discussing politics, sex or religion in polite company, just got on with their lives as people always had.  

Suddenly, govt, which people had trusted to just get things done and leave them alone, was now highly intrusive with bizarre, fabricated crises which seemed to demand some sort of action on our part, never theirs, in embracing or going along with utter fabrications as truths, together with drastically increased privations and what's more, people like the communist PM of NZ were suddenly saying that there was only a single point of truth and it was her.  Never mind the God of our youth any more or even the pagan and wiccan rituals if that way inclined.

A sort of criminal insanity, which is what communism is - a criminal insanity which dispossesses people of all they've built up in their lives, outright lawless theft - has now been touted as the New Reality, the New Summum Bonum, the New World Order where no one owned anything, you'd unquestioningly obey a politburo's orders, even down to what you could do inside your own bodies, to the extant that people who had largely always been respectful to authority, suddenly found themselves quite confused, ordered about by jumped-up petty harridans and creeps of the worst possible kind, even criminals in parliament with electronic bracelets or openly supporting PIE, the paedo network.  

Whaaaaa?  How did this all happen, that lowlifes now ran things, when once, despite his appeasement folly, PMs such as Neville Chamberlain at least adhered to some sort of civilised noble principles?

And the millions and millions of people, the tiny dots making a formidable mass, combined, were suddenly fully obeying this tiny collection of dots, lowlifes, who were criminally insane, and demanding the most outrageous, humiliating and mentally sick things.  

Which overturned everything these massed dots had been taught from birth.  Or biblically, suddenly calling white black and black white.

That's the history lesson done.  

Now, regarding this and other blogs, unless you self-host on your own server, and I don't mean Amazon, then you have two realistic choices to blog from - Blgr or WP.  This blog essentially straddles those two platforms - the half you're on here I've made for my rantings plus your comments, the other one for your comments.

Ok, so which to visit as N.O.?  Answer - both parts.

Each half operates a bit differently according to that company's operating system, let's call it, with different characteristics, e.g. in ease of commenting.

Into this comes confusion when a company swings behind the Great Untruth pushed globally and sets up 'community guidelines' which require us to either ignore lies and/or to tell flat-out untruths.  

On a site whose admin's whole raison d'etre has been to tell only the truth about things and every time he's been fooled, he's adjusted so that what's left sitting there after the shouting has died away is essentially truth according to non-Woke sources such as blogs trusted by readers, the old truths of youth, the bible, the old respected writers from CS Lewis to Thomas Sowell and those sorts of people - to such a person, the directive from above to effectively tell porkies is dismaying and distressing.

The site is being directed to tell and embrace demonstrable untruths and that causes great dislocation, disorientation and stress because where, before, most people were essentially on the same page and even govt at least paid lip service to noble truths, now there is this jamming up of the works, causing N.O. for one to have to now strategise in order to keep to its prime directive of truth telling and exposing humbuggery still going.

And thus I initially advised readers, days ago, that if your comment could be construed by the Woke uber-host as 'opinion', then put it at NOWP.  If it's clearly something which has happened, an event or statement by some highly placed public figure, then put it at either place.

But why?  Why on earth should you?

Well the answer is that one of the hosts, a few days ago, targetted the admin of this site, me and ordered that only untruths, called community guidelines, be posted.  Trouble is, those guidelines are fine in their wording - no breach of copyright, defamation or telling untruths about people, no porn, you know the usual thing and if you look at our blog policies here, there it is in black and white. Agreed rules between them and me.

In short, N.O. is very much complying with what's required.  

So what's the issue?  Definitions of course.  When one side says that demonstrable untruths are truth and the other just posts truths, then what results is clearly a clash of wills between a megalithic monolith ... and a little person such as one of us.

Hence that request, by me, of readers.

However, it's clearly too confusing for many readers so I adjust, myself, and say to you, good reader - just comment with what you consider to be the truth, don't overthink it, and I'll do all the adjusting across both sections of the site.  It might occasionally mean that a comment appears at t'other section, it might mean it appears here.  

It's the same blog in two parts, same admin, same rules, same archives, same contributors, same readers, thanks to y'all ever so.

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