Thursday, July 29, 2021

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12.  Grandad may well be onto something here

11.  Ripper

This is coming from a once great pro smoking blogger, one of the original warriors against PHE, ASH and the nanny state. How times change eh?

[Oh ho ho, Ripper, I know his story intimately, where he ended up.  We had a falling out many years ago, there was a certain correspondence, let's say.   I think the term he used for me at the time was 'whack job', due to our 'conspiracy theories' which, sadly, came true.  Oh to be so unloved - gonna have to go out and slit me wrists I am, LOL.  But before that, I'm making me a quarter pounder with cheese and chips.  Keeping some of the beef for brekky tomorrow.]

10.  Haiku

a.  A summary of where South Africa is headed?

b.  The original article: 

The discussion:

9.  DAD

a. [i] The Pass Sanitaire (Covid Passport) that President Macaroon announced the other say has come back to bite him in the fesse (b*m). A local cinema attendance is down by 86% and a Zoo near me by 40%

[ii]  The owners of cafes, restaurants and hotels are up in arms, their trade is also down and they are planning retaliation.

(Note; The site takes ages to load, but will arrive eventually. The carrier pigeons in this part of France are rather slow)

b.  Going back to farmed/wild salmon and trout.  

In the supermarket this morning I saw the sign "Salmon from the fjords of Norway" giving the impression that one was buying wild fish. Closer reading reveled that they were farmed fish. At least the Scottish exporters were honest and straightforward with their packaging.

d.  Cortina: I had one of them. When I was negotiating to buy a house, the owner offered his Cortina as an extra.  

I always had a problem with the heater - it never was very hot. My son called a 'luke-warmer'. Enjoyable to drive. Finally failed the MOT, with the rust. The scrapyard gave me £100 for the tyres and battery, said I could have the bodywork, if I wanted it as a memento.. 

[Similar here.  Now, hope you’ll forgive the renumbering to fit the pattern as there were a few items, ta.]

8.  Distant Relative

Important. Keep this somewhere safe - you might need it sometime to proverbially beat some pseudo-authoritative numptie over the head with.

"Vaccines in UK are not mandatory. There is an exemption on evidence of medical reasons and the Supreme Court recognises at common law that denial of free and informed consent is a self certified medical reason. See Montgomery v Lanarkshire [2015] UKSC 11… ...."

See ya around sometime - I'm pursuing other interests and getting on with life.

[Huge thanks, enormous debt here, door’s open as always.]


  1. It is sad to see DR depart for a breath of fresh air, he deserves it after wallowing in the mire in search of gold nuggets for us. I am very grateful for all of his contributions here keeping me informed.

    Thank you and stay sane DR, stay sane.

    1. Seconded. We have lost one of our best ferrets.

    2. 11 - Its surprised me since I did not see him go this way. Still, far better to be a whack job than a dumb clown. My standard reply to anyone who calls me a 'conspiracy theorist' is "which conspiracy, mine or yours?".

    3. Ripper - more than that - each of our ferrets is irreplaceable in his or her own way. That's life's attrition. Door's always open as I said.

      As far as Chris goes, he just doesn't understand. He did much good work with Dick P and then ... well ... it happens. Not an evil muvver, just doesn't have the backgrounding.

    4. Yes, and I do hope that DR will return sometime in the future, but for now I agree that he deserves a much needed break from all the nonsense that surrounds us. I will miss his presence here, some of my best snippets have been found by following his links.

      The thing that has surprised me most about Chris is that he should know better - in the past he has written a lot of good stuff about the tactics and mindset of the PTB, especially PHE. I'm not saying he's evil, he's anything but that, but he knows full well how the system works, hence the name of his blog.

      Which reminds me, DP seems to have abandoned his blog. I think he's still active on Twitter but hasn't posted for about 14 months now.

    5. There was much discussion at Scriblerus about that.