Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Letting the inner sexist out for a run for a moment, I’m amazed that Polly, a fully fledged member of the species called “lady”, can at the same time be so logical.  Her logic is impeccable in this tube, not to mention her usual level of ferreting:

Before getting to that, a housekeeping word with y’all about formatting.  In the case of certain uploaders who should be a protected species, methinks there’s no need for us to either run the video here nor hyperlink.  In fact I have to physically de-link with blgr.  What I’m essentially saying, reader, is that by now, we can assume that you know the ropes, that you know how to access things without spoonfeeding and to do it this way is more secure.  The name of this blog is no accident.

All right, down to biz.  We know all this already, ok?  Nothing new and yet, her turn of phrase really does throw it into sharp relief yet again. I for one appreciate the care, the attention to detail, the focus.

There are, among the burgeoning plethora of lies surrounding this topic, various Superlies, let's call them - they're buried among the sea of lies but they're still deliberately inserted and there are two she focuses on at the point in the video I'm currently at.

The first, and she shows substantiation and corroboration, is that the PCR is bunkum for its purpose, she explains the many reasons why, quotes people who have since miraculously and swiftly died.  That's essential to establish.  The test is bunkum for its purpose.

Linked to that is the second whopper upon which the whole Reset is based - that they did not isolate the virus, they never did.  There is a counter-narrative based on Sunnybrook which claimed they had but ere that so, it would have been in every journal, every newspaper, it would be the bog standard defence trotted out whenever someone tried to claim 'not yet isolated'.

But there's not. They've shied away from it, the major players, just vaguely asserting isolation without the science.  And that is because the Cv is a hybrid and there is something in its constituted bits which they don't want to become known.  Ripper here has consistently taken this line that it has not been isolated.  Even if it has, the PCR is unfitted to it.

And one more - the test which might work - growing cultures taken from the infected - she goes into this too - demonstrates that what is claimed by the health gurus and govts follow it to the letter - is utter bunkum.  Therefore the whole Reset is based on bunkum.

And the implications?  There are thousands, millions across the world but let's zero in on one ony for now - that scene in the hospital with the woman giving birth.  Staged by crisis actors ... or real?  Because if it were real ...


  1. Important. Keep this somewhere safe - you might need it sometime to proverbially beat some pseudo-authoritative numptie over the head with.

    "Vaccines in UK are not mandatory. There is an exemption on evidence of medical reasons and the Supreme Court recognises at common law that denial of free and informed consent is a self certified medical reason. See Montgomery v Lanarkshire [2015] UKSC 11… ...."

    See ya around sometime - I'm pursuing other interests and getting on with life.

  2. This is coming from a once great pro smoking blogger, one of the original warriors against PHE, ASH and the nanny state. How times change eh?

  3. Steve

    Antibody Dependent Enhancement:

    The Vaccine Causes The Virus To Be More Dangerous