Saturday, July 24, 2021

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2.  Steve

a.  James said:

20. Steve 'Where is he? Is he alive?'

I is 'ere, boss.

b.  N13 b. After the looting: Brandon Smith - South Africa is Harbinger for America:

c.  Planet Covid (Thickening Plot Edition): Patents Prove SARS-CoV-2 Is a Manufactured Virus:

d.  Fiddling the figures – CDC revises number of deaths due to the Covid-19 Vaccines by removing all foreign reports:

e.  There is hope.. What you can do to protect your health if you’ve been vaccinated:

f.  Or is there: Military Urging Officers To Get Their Houses In Order 

1.  Let’s step back one moment

… good reader, and take it all in.  Let’s take this in for a start [DR]:

The FDA announced today that the CDC PCR test for COVID-19 has failed its full review. Emergency Use Authorization has been REVOKED. 
It is a Class I recall. The most serious type of recall. All measurements based on PCR Testing should come to an end.

I’ve just been back through our materials slowly, watching videos, even fitted in this evening’s radio play on the same theme - collusion, compliance with a scam, knowledge by all involved that the whole show is an almighty fraud.

Can you recall a time where such widespread collusion in fraud by the medical profession occurred?  Especially at a time when many of us have conditions requiring the exact opposite in treatment?  Is it too far-fetched to call this collusion in mass murder?

In that radio play just now, not giving away who it was, it involved a greedy self-aggrandiser committing crimes, inc. fraud but as it unravels, that person starts lashing out, arranging other murders - it gets worse and worse.  And everyone, absolutely everyone involved, is a sleaze.

Then, good reader, we have the worlwide protests today.  Think on’t.  Next step - how to nail these crims in whose hands our very health is?


  1. Steve

    Collusion indeed..

    Founder of mRNA Vaccine: CDC Purposely Under-reporting and Editing Adverse Affects of COVID Vaccines

  2. Steve

    Maricopa County:

    2020 Election Security Procedures Violated – Why The County Will Not Provide Routers, Splunk Logs, Fobs – Indict The Supervisors!

    Arizona’s Corrupt Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, Calls President Trump a “Sore Loser”


    Sen. Doug Mastriano Obliterates State Democrats for Pushback on Elections Audit


    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Says He Endorses Election Audit of Several Texas Counties

    Braincell update:

    Former White House Doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson Predicts Biden Will Be Removed From Office Over Mental Health (VIDEO)

    I'll end with Nigel on the Dinghy People:

    Nigel Farage clashes with Calais MP Pierre-Henri Dumont over the growing migrant crisis

  3. 1 - Weeelll.. that didn't last long did it?

  4. 1 - Here's a more permanent report on the PCR EUA.

  5. According to the CDC, there is no pandemic

    Louise Hampton at the London Freedom Rally

    Why I wear my mask

    For James :-)

  6. Whoops! There go the pension liabilities!

    Never mind.