Tuesday, July 27, 2021


It’s the name of the song, conjuring up images of Paris cafe life in the poorer quarters:

… but it’s also the theme of this post.  You see, the chap [I presume] who wrote a nasty note to me the other evening singularly fails to understand a couple of things just not so, and these are the root cause of the rancour, the contretemps.  And this in particular in 2021 is the nub of the matter, the whole reason we have a sharply divided west and a war for civilisation:

That reason is employment of the terminology “a difference of opinion on politics”.  

As the Turks said to the Armenians they were about to slaughter, yes?  As the silent MSM said to the millions who turned out on Saturday to march in cities and towns across the west?

“A difference of opinion on politics”?  Just that?  

A polite disagreement over coffee and chocolate cake?  Or rather is it a difference over, say, demigod Floyd whom they bow to and worship every sports game until lightning strikes the monument, destroying it? And the reason I was kicked off Twitter.

A difference of opinion as the terrorists smash Starbuck’s windows and hit women with bicycle chains?  As they leap out of nowhere and stab someone who seems native to a land?  That sort of difference of opinion?  A difference of opinion over full term and after abortion?  That kind of difference?

Churchill asked the same question and he answered - as between the fire brigade and the fire.

Difference of opinion?  Like med staff preventing the elderly getting drugs which could have saved them, whilst intubating them while family watched from behind glass as they died without human touch?  That sort of difference of opinion?

Businesses and people’s life savings gone?  That sort of difference?

The sort of difference which saw Martin and Brittany Selner put behind bars for coming to give a speech?  That sort of difference of opinion?

I’ll tell you what I see, shall I?  I see vastly more than a difference of opinion - I see total indifference from the cabal, the MSM, the organs of state and the Woke, to the suffering of ordinary people in the past eighteen months.  That’s what I see.

“A difference of opinion over politics?”  Sheesh!


  1. In a Berlin tube station we came across a chap playing Bach organ music on a squeezebox. It worked brilliantly well.

  2. A friend sent me this link:


    I couldn't beleive that anyone would try to spread such B******t - it seems that 1984 has arrived