Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Tuesday [10 to 14]

14.  Now this thing about eating fat

Take a gander at this - first one is Phili cheese - look at the 100g column for comparison further down:

Now this is the end of the Lurpak Slightly Salted:

You thinking what I'm thinking about my spread from now on?

13.  John probably sums it up

It is with great joy that I am able to confirm Manny Macrony's success yesterday in persuading France's gutless National Assembly to extend the ongoing Libertechtomy-jab drive to include everyone whether they like it or not.

In this, his fight against selfish bastards unwilling to die for the Pharmafia-to-Green-Reset complex, one can sense that the President means business. This is because he is wearing his I Mean Business mask.

12.  Just got back from shopping 

Got my D3 and constitutional in out there, back home, cooking up - heavens opened.  Been up on the Air Ministry roof and it p***ing down with rain, that it is, mun.  Here's a bit of music to lighten the mood:


11.  It's obvious where this is from
  • The real purpose of the new digital currency... seems to be... to challenge the long-standing global reign of the US dollar.

  • The new digital currency is part of the CCP's ambition, as laid out in its new Five-Year Plan for the years 2021-2025, to digitalize China. The digitalization, in turn, is part of China's ambition to become technologically independent of the West and to dominate global tech, and overtake the US as the world's dominant power by 2049," the 100th anniversary of China's Communist Revolution.

  • Crucially, China's new digital currency, in addition to increasing state control and surveillance in China.. .could affect the ability of the US, and other countries, to level sanctions at the Chinese government for its human rights abuses and other breaches of international law.

  • The US, on its part, does not appear ready for China's challenge over the future of money.

1.  Ian J

A friend sent me this link:


I couldn't believe that anyone would try to spread such B******t - it seems that 1984 has arrived

[The guy needs ballbearings dumped on him.]


  1. From Polly. Worth the watch.


    1. https://nourishingobscurity.blogspot.com/2021/07/monday-6.html

    2. I think I'm losing it, I managed to miss that entire post. BTW, isn't The Conservative Woman one of our sources? I've seen links posted here pretty regular.


    3. You’re not losing it at all, I was being cagey with the post. :) Wait for 5 p.m. today, when DR and Bob are going to kill me! And rightly too. :)

  2. 'The Conversation' - it's just a rebranded Guardian isn't it? Anything with 'here's what you need to know' or similar phrasing in the title has been written by a media bugman or cat and cubicle lady. It is a script which is not so much designed to influence the reader but to reassure the author that their contorted construction is righteous.

    1. Did you notice the supposed correction to the dud data as well? Tricks of the trade.

  3. Since a 500gm tub of Lurpak Slightly Salted lasts me at least a couple of months, I'm not bothered about how much fat it contains. I put on my blood pressure monitor yesterday, and the best of three (5 minutes apart) was 115/73 with a 58 BPM heart rate. As I'm 65 I'm really not going to worry about clogged arteries just yet. Being unvaxxed, I'm obviously going to die of CV first...

  4. Replies
    1. Q] What can you do the 0-60 in? :)

      A] Several seconds (in my Smart Roadster) :()

    2. With the state of my joints I'm not personally going to be doing 60 of anything (steps, press ups?), and while the aged Panda is supposed to be capable of 81mph, I've never dared going above 70 in deference to the mechanical din ahead of me! I haven't timed the 0-60 "dash", but it would be in the 20-30 second region...

  5. Clues in the title



    1. Your first link is already down, but it's on Bitchute:


    2. Read comments first - seems the video might be fake.

    3. I looked at them whilst enduring 45 odd minutes of poor quality audio (and gawd knows how many "OK?"'s). And I did listen to some YT clips of the police chief, but it's hard to tell if it is the same person. I had other concerns: Who's providing the funding - figures of salary well above the normal police grade were mentioned, and the whole speech seemed to infer that he was recruiting complete novices, and just giving them sufficient training to carry out "Common Law" arrests. On the other hand, there have been filmed cases recently of actual police marching with protesters, so there must be some truth to that side of the commentary.

      We can but hope...

  6. If you want an easy-spread butter that is not packed with rape seed oil, try the one from Marks.

    P.S. By subtraction I deduce that the Philly is about 50% water. I'm not bothered: we use it quite a bit especially with smoked salmon (of which we eat a good bit in the hot weather).

  7. Robbo:
    The human body is mostly red meat and saturated fat: how can they be harmful?

  8. I have a card inside my demerara jar reminding me to get the salted butter out of the fridge. By the time I've had my sweet and creamy coffee the butter will spread nicely.