Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sunday [3 to 5]

As and when.

5.  DR

a.  Unicorn Poop: 

"Asteroid that was once thought to be worth $10,000 quadrillion and make everyone a BILLIONAIRE could actually be just a pile of rubble, new study suggests" 

As if.

b.  A VAERS report. 

How many commercial airline pilots have succumbed to the arm-poke I wonder, and what would be the unintended or even intended consequences of that?

c.  Four parter on Gates of Hell complete with show notes from James Corbett.

4.  China and Russia

  • The actions of the Beijing government since the earliest days of concern about the disease have shown in stark relief how a closed, authoritarian society tries to deny and shift blame for its misdeeds. How it seeks to co-opt international health agencies. How it tries to bribe foreigners to do its bidding. How it has infected more than not just American bodies, but American society and its institutions at many levels.

  • Almost no one in American politics, on the Left or Right, has been hailing the Chinese communist government for its efforts to stem the fourth deadly pathogen to come from its shores and devastate the rest of the world. The Chinese government concealed all information about how the virus originated, encouraging speculation they did so intentionally. According to Gordon Chang, they may even be preparing to do so again, only worse.... By comparison, Russia's crimes against the West, real and imagined, amount to a relative nuisance.

  • Foreign policy, however, is made towards nations, not individual leaders. In geo-political terms it asks: What is another country's ability to help you, or harm you?

  • In the 1980s no one would have suggested that Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, or Muamar Qaddafi was America's greatest enemy. They were obnoxious sideshows, annoying tinpot dictators with a flair for the microphone, but not existential threats on the order of the Soviet Union.

  • What this poll suggests is that threat assessment has somehow become a partisan issue, based on political grudges and perceptions that have little to do with a particular nation's real capacity to damage American interests. The divide among Republicans and Democrats between China and Russia as our largest threat fails to account for a modern analysis of China's power, influence, aggressiveness in action, and willingness to corrupt American political and cultural leaders. It should not be a partisan issue, no matter how obnoxious one nation's current leader may be.

  • Putin loves to tweak America; Xi prefers quieter, more damaging forms of aggression.

  • It is vital for American voters to understand that bribery is a key part of doing business for both China and Russia.

  • No matter how much he might like to, Vladimir Putin cannot threaten the balance sheets of huge American companies such as Apple and Microsoft; China could do it tomorrow.

3.  Scrambled cheesy egg on toast



  1. I want your breakfast, if that is what it is. I just can't be arsed making mine. Your's looks wonderful.

    1. Strangely, it tasted all right today. When I flip it around carelessly, then straight onto buttered toast, it usually works out better. Throw some chopped chives on.

  2. "How many commercial airline pilots have succumbed ..." They're little different from bus drivers except bus drivers don't use an auto-pilot. How many buses and trains have been crashing because of immunisations?

  3. This of course could be utter bollocks, but will be interesting to follow the timeline, especially about cold and flu medicines.

  4. Buses and trains at 30,000 feet. Now there's a thought.