Sunday, June 20, 2021

Noxious weeds in Britain are not all Hancockian

Probably pretty pointless running multiple pictures of the weeds myself when they’re listed here on this commercial site:

… but the one which stands out for me is the giant hogweed closer to water.  One thing I learnt long ago is nature is treacherous, from leeches to triffids - it’s not necessarily your friend.  Which is why I always, now, wear steel-tipped workboots or wellies, plus puggies and welders gauntlet gloves in the yard.

That still leaves the jeans or shorts area vulnerable, plus forearms above the gauntlet gloves.  Another nasty we have is the false widow spider out there, they move fast although a bit of 4 x 2 usually takes care of them.  Dealing with the weeds?  I’ve no advice on that.


Changing the topic to that of the blog - think we have it working all right now and t’other place has turned out a useful adjunct or backup, it will always be the fallback if this site goes down.

One thing the boys have been good about is the request not to drop politics below “feature posts” like this without a nameday.  It just gives readers a break.  Nameday posts may or may not be political but stand alone posts almost never will, unless op ed - you know, state of the union types, I’ll signpost op eds more clearly - they’re always “dropboxable”. 

There’ll always be a nameday post somewhere near the top to drop “drops” under.

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