Thursday, May 06, 2021

Thursday [2 to 6]

6.  Just say the name Clegg over here

... and there’s the argument in one.

5.  Not interested in showing gross things at N.O.

You can see them at t’other place and here if you need:

4.  Mark Dice calls out Ben Shapiro

Mark Dice is indy but connected to the Prison Planet area long ago, he called out Michelle Fields, some might recall, definite alt-right.  Called out Davos etc.

Shapiro is a woz, an untrustworthy kook who says conservative things, then goes and votes the opposite, then pretends again.  A cuck.  I’m not sure he’s ‘controlled’ though, it might just be he likes the Narrative in parts. Then again, he might be controlled.

3.  We have our local UK elections today

Not sure I’ll go up there.  As my landlord said, no one to vote for, which is why he construed that as vote Johnson.  Someone in Scotland said similar, that the Tory was the only one on the card last time.

I have done that in the past but then UKIP and TBP started appearing and that was an easy enough choice. Trouble with local is I don’t know the candidates well, no literature came this way from any party.  Were they known anti-woke rebel right ...  might.  Plenty of time to think it through today.

2.  Elise Stefanik

She’s what could be called over here a ‘cutie’, as in Blair’s babe or Cameron’s cutie.

That gives some perspective.  She’s a typical girl of that age, with the education girls get today, northern liberal gone MAGA.  Explains a lot.  I’d say she could be iffy on policy when the Donald is.  MTG though, another Trumpette, is genuinely conservative, dissident right.


  1. 1. A clegg is an annoying insect that lands on you without you realising it, sucks goodness out of you and leaves some poison.
    Only after it has fluttered off do you realise it has called, and leaves you with pain.

  2. Re that "divorce" announced the other day. Protecting assets, in my 'umble, for when the smelly stuff hits the fan.