Thursday, May 06, 2021

Thursday [12 to 15]

15.  Another look at Mr. Shapiro

There's a clip where he walks out of the interview with Andrew Neil and another where he tries to alter a vlogcast to take out a reference which might make him unpopular - he's a prat all right but but but ... and this is a big but ... if you go back to Mark Dice's take on him earlier today [Thursday 4], I'm [cough] afraid that [cough] he might not be entirely wrong and Mark not entirely right on this one.

To explain - it was where BSh said Trump could not be trusted not to load SCOTUS  with liberals, meaning left-liberals in non-hijacked Americanese.  Remember, this was in the early days and Mark D was well within his rights, given DJT's stated agenda, to claim as he did.

However, look at these SCOTUS picks and all the angst to get them there and how did they turn out?  I'm not suggesting the Donald deliberately did this to the MAGAs, I'm suggesting that the Donald is what he is - a NY left-liberal entrepreneur turned MAGA for genuine reasons.  But young Ben's not wrong either in his own way.

14.  Haiku reminds everyone

... who saw it in passing:

... that Britain and France are now at war or pretty close to it. Normandy 2 or Trafalgar 2?

13.  Now, back to these nose jobs

There was an important topic in Tuesday Epilogue [19] in which I asked readers [to be quite ignored of course] “Why do people’s noses point left?”  A fair question I’m sure you’d agree.

However studying this a bit more, it seems that, apart from broad-nostrilled, upturned snotters, most people’s point slightly left or slightly right [I’m the latter].  

So your task is before you, innit?  You need to stare at your partner’s, family’s and friends’ hooters, even those of complete strangers, and determine which they are.

From then on, you’ll refer to them as left-nosed or right-nosed.  If he or she ever does anything silly, untoward or even toward, it can be explained away as either left-nosed or right-nosed.  You may find the numbers wishing to be friends with you now dropping off quite steeply but this is Science, innit?

Think of the hours of fun.  Any newsreader, any host you can now see in terms of nosedness.  At a public meeting, you can turn to your partner and loudly whisper, “Right-nosed,” to which the other responds, “Yes, that explains it.”

See, I’ve brought peace and tranquility into your exciting lives.  Just for the record, I’m also left-eared for the phone, right-handed and left-footed.  Imagine the fun you’ll have when family drop by.  They’ll not be able to wait to see you next time.

Incidentally, I nearly expired choking just now, re-reading this bollox.  Next time, we can discuss which hangs lower as a rule.  And wait till we get to mammaries. [Promise I’ll do nothing of the sort ... the very thought!]

12.  Conan’s last stand

Apparently his show is ending in its current form on June 24th:

He made a point this week which was sad but funny:

A Korean band did not recognise him - at least one did, the other called him Curtain.  He said he was going to resent them [staged of course] because while they went on to be mega, resenting was all he had left to do. 

It does tie in with earlier comments about it being a world of the young now.  Conan’s left-nosed by the way.



    IF Trump endorses Jenner, he'll lose my support, fwiw. What the eff is Kayleigh thinking?

  2. Noses, I was going to comment but decided against it. Well, here goes. Some years ago I was attacked in the street. My nose was so badly broken that the tip was nearer my right ear than the centre of my face. The consultant did a wonderful job on it, still not quite straight though. Now, if I was left nosed before would I still show left nose characteristics? Or would my new right nosedness reconfigure my left nose behaviour into right nose? If confusion is more left nose than right then I'm still left nose.

    When giving directions we often say Follow your nose. This could cause people to walk in circles unless they are centre nose. In Ireland I've heard that they say Stay behind your nose, we should use that expression instead.

    1. Makes it interesting, Andy, on a simple trot to the pub.

  3. Failed U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has claimed that Russian interference in the U.S. election in 2016 is now “beyond a doubt” and that the country was likely involved in the Brexit vote, too.

    Ruskies involved in Brexit vote? Plot lost much?


  4. 14. And your father smelled of elderberries.
    Seriously though, folks, who exports more, including tourists, to the other.
    And will this give Boris the excuse he needs to back small scale nuclear fuelled electrical generation.
    13. I was going comment on first post that in the southern hemisphere noses bend the other way. But on second thought, realised that was just silly.
    It may come down to which hand you use to pick your nose. Or the side you lie on when asleep.
    Whatever, it revived pleasant memories of Elizabeth Montgomery with her nasal gymnastics and could swing both ways.