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The enquiring mind and the closed mind

There's a Ruairidh MacVeigh video on Trijets coming up later and it's noteworthy for a few reasons, two being that it's packed with detail - way too much detail, aurally, not visually, plus the quality of comments.  As I'll repeat when it's posted, he has what every blogger/vlogger wants - those who think and know and can add so much to the conversation with an absence of trolling.

Result - he has 14,406 views last time I looked, as against hundreds of thousands of comments like "lovely airplane" which most popular vlogs have, esp. those with pretty females catering for their 95% male viewership.  I scrolled down and most comments, almost all, added something - you'll see that for yourself - plus, I surmise, those such as me lurking - those who don't know their planes but were there to learn. 

For reasons already explained, I was out of sorts last night and it was a strictly scholastic matter - sorry but if you've ferreted into something in the past and written copious things on it, then other ferrets had also found out so much and added those, then that site went down, then the next one with all that information as well, then the admin but not anyone else was locked out of access by tech trolls ... then I'd argue you'd not feel much differently.  I gave vent last night, now we're back in business.

The Americans have a far more open society in the sense of being able to get information in roundabout ways - look at Gab, Rumble, the various sites in my blogrolls.  Good stuff.  What do we have in the UK anywhere near those ferreting lines, close to the nub of things?  Very, very little - Johnson and his Great Reset get away with huge amounts of wrongness and the easygoing Brits get their pap from the MSM and say is that so?  Gosh, they say with a silly laugh, we must all go and get poisoned, the media tell us to.

When I ask why on earth you would do such a dumb thing, it comes down to something in the angry manner of anti-vaxxers.  Nothing to do with actually educating themselves, is it?  All to do with feelgood feelings and assurances. What's that point beyond frustration?


"How media is used to massage minds of weak people who do not research for themselves."
Add to that this Rumble clip from Steve, an unpleasant one but indicative of proper journalism being done, trying to nail people committing crimes which they should be behind bars for:
Jordan Conradson Confronts Ryan Macias From Democracy Project outside Arizona Audit On Why He Misrepresented Himself as Media to Get On The Audit Floor 

Now to last night and the "S" word.  The number of people is beyond whom, the instant you introduce it, quite rightly too because that is what the miscreants themselves do or else use the "L" word or The Great Work of Ages which has been around decades - when you look at Bohemian Grove, all the paedo-snuffing [see the Missing Children post and the Pizzagate] before even getting onto the grooming ... when you look at Taylor Swift clips, Minaj, rappers, back to Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and all the rest - all of those are perfectly happy to use those words and do their deeds but the instant a contrary ferreter does, suddenly his argument ceases and they close ranks.  

That's the extent of the indoctrination over the decades, laid out by Bezmenov in the mid-80s - the amazing ability for wrong to be in plain sight and yet if you name it, suddenly it does not exist in minds.  Almost supernatural, eh?  "Harrumph, I can't be doing with all that S stuff.  When they start that, they've lost me."  Is that an enquiring mind?

To answer my own question, were you to explore, say, the dark side of Annette Funicello and Disney, where would you go?  Google search?  And what sorts of articles would you find there?  Eulogies for pages and pages.  However, there's one man only, according to GS, J.P.Moss, who wrote a book which was published and is on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all the rest and sure enough, the trolls have gone to the reviews and damned him immediately as scurrilous. One review out of one damns it to 0% because basically, no one else cares.

Yet we've known about Disney for a decade and a half, with Annette an abused girl who never stood a chance.  There was a site Above Top Secret which varied in quality but it had many pointers to these sorts of things, mainly world political, which checked out.  The trolls say - well, if you go to sites like that, it's just Icke and his lizards, innit?  What a truly dumb comment. Is there not such a thing as sorting the wheat from the chaff?  And where else will you get investigative stuff - Wikipedia?

But as I say, to answer my own question - I've noticed it's far harder to find anything now, even on alternative search engines, we're working much harder now to find - all those early articles have gone [remember Rense and Educate Yourself?] and therefore two generations have come through knowing none of it. It was a Gen X thing, with some Boomers still hanging on for the ride.

We've already mentioned this twice at N.O., courtesy the boys and one gal but let's do it again, this time through DR:

Excerpt: "The entire Database of Maricopa County in Arizona has been DELETED! 
This is illegal and the Arizona State Senate, who is leading the Forensic Audit, is up in arms. Additionally, seals were broken on the boxes that hold the votes, ballots are missing, and worse. Mark Brnovich, the Attorney General of Arizona, will now be forced to look into this unbelievable Election crime. Many Radical Left Democrats and weak Republicans are very worried about the fact that this has been exposed....."
We who still have a sense of right and wrong - not relativistic but set in stone - then start using words such as "outrageous", "unbelievable" and so on and eventually they just dull people's reactions, they're so overused. So what's after that?

One friend said it's overload - way too much to process, another said too much doom and gloom, day after day.  Switch off and be happy.  Thus ferreting sites like this are not gone to as much and so the miscreants know they'll get away with murder.  Literally, as in the selling of baby parts.  

I can't blame the poor souls - bone weary, fatigued, stressed in RL, much happier ignoring it all and going back to family life where one can pretend all is well in the summer sun. Hard to disagree with that.  Plus my attitude stinks, does it not?  It's not particularly warm and inviting.

Yet some ferreters stick doggedly to it.  Steve for one:
I have cough sweets in my bag today: The tide is turning: 

New Details Reveal Fauci, Media Coverup Of Lab Leak Hypothesis
Fauci-Funded Researchers Headlined Wuhan Lab ‘Gain Of Function’ Conference 

The End of The Mask - by Kip Hansen
By the way, the bits of DR and Steve not mentioned now at 4.29 a.m. will be posted later.

Having finished the rant, what can I possibly add to this post?  It's the scholastic aspect, always the scholastic aspect, that which was my bread and butter for so long.

I suppose, let's use a hypothetical - someone one comes along using a garish site with huge letters and much capitalisation every few lines, plus a frenetic manner and he breathlessly announces that there are these particles in the air, near microscopic, and they're breathed in and poison everyone slowly.  

Watch what follows. The people I'm interested in are not the harrumph-merchants but those who might smile and yet say ok, where's some data?  The critical factor is that often the truth is bitsy - a snippet here, an interesting coincidence there. 

So, what do the enquiring people do?  They file it, pending anything else which may or may not come up.  They rummage around through their own files - and anyone without copious folders I wonder about - and having seen some indicators but not much more, it's left there as an interesting curiosity ... for now.

What it is not is blind dismissal - harrumph, suppose you'll be speaking of HAARP and chemtrails next.  As if that's not something ever to be touched.  That's how they stop investigation. Then they say - well when you've got something, come back and tell me.

As if they're some sort of god who has to be satisfied. Why would I bother coming back to you?  Listen, bozo, I say, disrespectfully, why not open your mind and do your own bloody investigating instead of being so effing lazy?

Of course he can't, never could, yet he has the power to kill investigation.  

And we see that with Sidney Powell in the US.  What stopped her?  Well obviously deliberate intervention and defamation, organised trolling, The Great Reset through all the little minions and place-people, but also this closed-minded attitude in people who find it far more comfortable to just trot out phrases they've learned which are intended to kill off discussion.

My plea always was - open the mind, investigate, anything inconclusive just file for now.  And if enough people would do this - if we could count on, say, 25% of the population actually educated - then there is no way that any of the guff we see out there could possibly stand in a strong, family-based nation.  That's all I'm asking people to do.

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