Sunday, May 16, 2021

The end of the Trijet

This is the video mentioned last evening:

Just a couple of comments:

#  Tri-jet airliners have always been among my favourites, from the Trident all the way through to the MD11. There were also tri-piston passenger aircraft, the Britten-Norman Trislander (a development of the long-lived Islander) being the most famous of them. 

#  Actually, while the Comet was a quadjet, the Tupolev Tu-104 only had two jet engines, and while the comet was grounded it was the only operating commercial jet aircraft for a couple of years.

I could go on all day about how important thoughtful comments are by people who know their topic and Ruairidh MacVeigh seems to attract them.  Mind you, the topic is not as controversial as the sort of thing we're into.  What I really like about this guy is there's no BS about him.

What there also is is an element of boys with toys.  I know that so many girls are first rate investigators, would be into anything going and there are two of them as far as I can see in the one below - no question the gals are into anything going ... and yet ... and yet ... there is this boys with toys thing as well, ha ha:

Love it!

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  1. Steve

    In '85 a sub-unit of my regiment flew by RAF Lockheed TriStar to Edmonton, Canada to take part in Exercise Pond Jump West. We were on the transition flight (BA to RAF) that had British Airways staff on board to train the RAF crew on how to operate all aspects of the aircraft (I kept a BA stainless steel KFS set as a keepsake), so we had two captains up front together with two flight engineers. The aircraft had yet to be painted grey so it still looked like a commercial airliner except for the small roundels below the cockpit and RAF decals on the tail - God it was hot that summer at Camp Wainwright, the mossies were an absolute pain if you didn't apply some DEET every hour or so.