Friday, May 07, 2021

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14.  Steve - this was for tomorrow morning

... let’s do it now:

Eton mess: The stooge in Number Ten - by Daniel Miller

13.  The dishonesty of it all

'I am a licensed physician in a US state.  I am board certified in Internal Medicine.  I made every effort to immediately report this [vaccine] death to the federal officials.  I called the FDA and ended up in voicemail hell.  I called the CDC and was literally hung up on twice.  Again, please contrast that reception to what I describe [compared to] “non-crisis” years. 

After multiple attempts, I finally decided to report to VAERS.  This was almost a week ago.  To date, the VAERS has no record of my patient.  All that I have received is an email to confirm my submission.  No one from any agency has made any effort to contact me in any way.  It was of little comfort to note in in the New York Times, that the physicians trying to report one of the sentinel J&J stroke cases got a similar “hang up in your face” response from the FDA/CDC.

I want to reiterate – a patient has died.  A board-certified internist feels this is likely vaccine-related.  And no one has made any effort to contact me.  None. A complete departure from the past.  And this is a stringent safety-reporting system?'

12.  Open road

11.  You Tube channels

Not criticising YT here, nor Patreon, nor the ladies themselves, nor the lonely men who flock to them, the lonely males’ only sustenance the blown kisses they think are for them - not at all.  

Market forces, innit?  We can argue in another post someday about why so many million lonely males these days.

Point is - in this case, she's a stay at home mum, hubby knows what she's doing in this case, she's raking it in and all she has to do is smile at the camera, make lovely recipes and clean her house, filming herself doing all those ... and there's quite a nice little earner.  

Again - why not?  Chaps get the vicarious attention, she has the little earner.

Except there's something sad about it. 

I was watching a Duafy reaction video, also Christy O of anti-feminist fame and all were making the point that 95% of their viewers are male.

Now sorry but I thought I had a bit more pride than that, hanging on for the briefest mention by a gal.  I mean ... really!  And what's worse is she reserves, in each case, her attention for her best patrons, i.e. for those paying the best money.  

Don’t get me wrong here, it’s just an opinion, they can all do exactly what they want, not my biz.  Plus I do think it's a cut above MyFans but how far above?  

All right - market forces again, innit?  Can't knock the biz-model, except to wonder what this is doing to men today as a species?  

That’s the issue, thinking of this Great Reset, of society destroyed and this taking the place of real commitment, one on one.  I hardly mention my fellow men as a species at this blog but today I am mentioning them.  I must do.  Boys - have you really thought through this whole internet following thing?  When money comes into it?

Having said all that, I just watched her again, Sat morn, and it was a pleasant interlude with coffee - we need interludes with all the horror they’re visiting upon us, the evl muvvers.  She’s not evil, she’s nice. We choose our channels carefully.

10.  Where were the dissident right, those for their nation?

Some comments I read:

#  My trip to the voting station was almost a complete waste of time. On the 9th April the local returning officer listed 7 candidates and their parties. I was going to vote for the only anti-lockdown candidate. When I received the voting slip there were only 4 choices on it, Lib/Lab/Con/Green. The other 3 parties were not there.

So with a choice between those 4 enemies of the state, I had no option but to put a line through the whole paper. I know that in some places they still announce the number of spoiled ballots, and it would be good if they did that everywhere.

#  The only hope is for real "right wing parties" to amalgamate (or at least form an alliance). UKIP's manifesto is still excellent, "Britain First" are very active and apparently "For Britain", "Reform" and "Reclaim" still have loyal supporters. The electoral commission may shortly be forced by law to approve "Britain First" as a political party after years of arbitrary rejections and hopefully that might stimulate the much needed alliances.

#  We had to vote for a Police Commissioner and only had a choice from the 3 traditional parties. Had to select two first choice and second choice why selecting two first and second I do not know. In reality there was no choice all woke parties.

#  I was tempted to go just to spoil my ballot with a reform party or ukip box but didn't bother at all in the end.

#  Labour or Conservative both have flooded our country with muslims. A new 5m mosque is being built in Blackburn, can they not see what is happening in France?  France: ‘One mosque is erected every 15 days, while one Christian building is destroyed at the same pace.’

#  Instead of voting for a party that will make a real difference, the majority dutifully trotted along to cast their votes for the same two discredited parties. This result will NOT make an iota of difference to the path the U.K. is treading, the one that is turning the country into a mongrel nation led by a bunch of self-serving globalists.

All right.  I decided not to bother when our landlord appeared, former BNP voter, pro-Nigel during his time.  LL was voting Boris because none of them are worth anything and Boris he saw as least bad.  He could not understand the concept of “equally bad”, knows nothing of HS2, the mask and vaxx fascism.  Thinks he can just ignore all that and al is “not too bad”.

That’s the mentality among our people right now.


  1. Those comments quoted above about the voting experience echo mine exactly. Only the three useless uniparties to choose from, with the addition of the water melons for the local wards. What happened to the independents? None of these was my vote.

  2. Steve

    13. The dishonesty of it all


    Pfizer Executive admits that they their vaccine is not designed to end the pandemic

  3. Steve

    They bought the machines but they didn't own them..

    Dominion Refuses to Comply with Subpoena and Turn Over Password to Their Maricopa County Machines

    Maricopa County Refuses to Provide Routers to Election Auditors

    Jordan Conradson Interviews Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett After DOJ Threatens Audit

    I'd like to see this one behind bars:

    Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Runs From Gateway Pundit Reporter and Refuses to Answer Questions

  4. I suppose if a country self styled itself as Godzone the inevitable would happen.

    New Zealand has gone over to the hoofed one.

  5. This

    No need to read it. The article doesn't live up to the headline, in the sense of project fear.