Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A party-less parliament

John Ward last evening put this up:

If you hate Trump, the price is Biden.

If you want to get Brexit, the price is Boris Johnson.

If you want to clean up Wall Street, the price is Elizabeth Warren.

If you have no faith in Francois Hollande, the price is Emmanuel Macron.

If you don't want five more years of Labour, the price is Nick Clegg.

If a CIA lifer in the White House worries you, the price is Bill Clinton.

If you're sick to death of Thatcherism, the price is Tony Blair.

There's certainly logic there in terms of realpolitik, the way things usually pan out but I don't buy it as a basis for the future after this 2020/21 horror - it's fundamentally wrong and serves up dross in all western nations.

The trouble is in searching for people of integrity and ethics - are there any anymore?  And who would preselect them anyway?  Also seems to me that parties as they're formally constituted must end their grip on power, which is going to either take a major enemy threat [but we have that already in London, Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford.

The only other way is a strongman or someone as persuasive as Nigel Farage once was - it was enough to bring over old Labour people, plus dissident Tories.  If someone like that, combined with current UKIP policies in a combined party could form an interim assembly - it would be a start.  It would get around the sovereignty of parliament issue as it would still be parliament.  Just wouldn't be party-based.

Just thoughts.

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