Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Wednesday [5 to 8]

8.  Greed - that’s all it ever was

You can call them benefits scroungers all you like - the fans stood up in my book, that’s all that matters.

7.  My post at WP might post itself to Twitter

6.  Still speaking of Christianity

Obviously I can make no comment on this:

... so I’ll speak only on Christianity itself.  Jesus would never have been followed, were He a mass murdering paedo, would He?  Peace be upon Him.

On a completely unrelated matter, note Andy’s and Toodles’s comments.  Sadly, sport is now overtly political kneebending and to think some cricketers were once admired, the tossers.

5.  Hardly Christian

Black religious leaders in Georgia representing more than 1,000 churches called on Tuesday for a boycott of Home Depot Inc, accusing the home improvement giant of failing to take a stand against the state’s new Republican-backed curbs on voting.

In a statement, Bishop Reginald Jackson, who oversees Georgia’s African Methodist Episcopal churches, said Home Depot had rejected requests to discuss the new law.

Other Georgia-based corporations – including Delta Air Lines Inc and Coca-Cola Co – have sat down with activists and issued statements opposing the voting restrictions. Coca-Cola also hosted a meeting of several companies on April 13 with faith leaders.

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  1. #5.

    It is interesting that the black, so called, leaders are saying that blacks are too stupid and ignorant to be able to get an ID especially when one is needed for such thing as food stamps, benefits, driving a car, buying grog and cigies, etc. or are they saying that because they are hypocrites and taking payment to do so. I tend to think it is the latter.