Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Wednesday [9 to 11]

11.  Chuckles sends

Instead of being exceptional, Thunberg, who was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2019, reflects the culmination of decades of government educational policies, said Kajsa Holm, 26, a social science teacher at the Vårbyskolan Middle School in southwest Stockholm for children ages 10 to 16.

“She is a representative of this generation. A lot of kids have the feeling that they need to change, that something needs to change,” she said.

Naturally, being brainwashed by teachers who tell them nothing of how they are blighting the planet, that non-fossil fuels are a scam, that the only beneficiaries are pocketing the cash by the billions, that it gives rise to Wokery which further blights society - none of that means anything to those kids.

[And yes, this was sent by Chuckles, directly.  Won't say when.]

10.  Andrew Torba on the sellouts

Barr, Pence, Amy Comey Barrett. A whole lot of “book deals” making a lot of sellouts rich. Hope our country was worth it. None of these people are even remotely interesting enough for people to read an entire book about. These books will be ghost written and they will all walk away rich while the nation burns.

The good thing about Andrew is he does not moderate his tone.

9.  The misrepresentation continues unabated

Another supposed victim turns out to be an out of control attempted murderess:

You might be wondering, dear reader, if this topic is going to replace the vaxx and masks.  Sadly, no, the black thing will recede as it always has - Twitter's unethical and unprofessional Dorsey caused this flurry just now:

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