Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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14.  The Canon

Have to warn you he does swear a fair bit in this one, so if you have sensitive ears ... dot dot dot.  He might be a bit sozzled, a bit unusual for a demi-Scot:

He eventually gets to the point where he agrees the core story arc in a series is pretty vital and it goes for books as well as film of course. You simply don't mess with it because you are inheriting a franchise which means a lot to many people - the eternally downtrodden fans.

Same goes for England plc and UK plc - you leave the core alone or there'll be trouble if you try to take it over and make it in your dystopic image. The utter gall, arrogance, chutzpah in clever clogs thinking it's all theirs to do as they wish.  Same with the west as a whole.

Same with print and film. In my case, what do I do once a series of tales are done?  Have to make a new one with different characters because I can't mess with what is now 3D in the old.

13.  Corporate greed 0 - 1 Club fans
They killed the Super League despite the best efforts of the banks and the biggest European soccer clubs.  Imagine what would be possible if conservatives took their politics, and Christians took their faith, as seriously as European soccer fans take their sport.
12.  How long before we don’t know how to be virtuous? 

Think this was sent by Steve.  Dr Sinead Murphy


  1. Steve

    James said:

    'Think this was sent by Steve. Dr Sinead Murphy'

    Yes it were me.

    Do not be complicit in genocide. Whistleblowers telling what is happening!


    Globalist Banker Predicted Scamdemic & Genocide of The Useless

  2. Have hope in humanity....

  3. Steve

    I tend to agree..

    "The Case May Very Well Be Reversed" - Alan Dershowitz Weighs in on Chauvin Verdict

    Candace Owens has this to say:

    An average of 18 unarmed black people are killed by police officers per year out of a US population of 330 million..

    I went to the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis to speak with protesters.

    Back to the rigged election and why Georgia should not have certified its electoral votes for President of the United States (illegal ballots exceeds the margin of victory):

    'Our conclusion remains: We prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the deserved winner of the state of Georgia’s presidential electoral votes in the 2020 General Election is unknowable.'

    LAA’s Voter Integrity Project Releases The Georgia Report

    Windham County:

    Windham Officials Reverse Course: Will Choose “Windham Incident” FORENSIC AUDITOR in PUBLIC!

  4. A couple of links:

    Meanwhile, something interesting for DR:

    Type "" into your browser address bar.

    The interesting thing for me is, I run a browser helper called Flagfox, and it is reporting the server location as being in the UK.

    "Warning - Incomplete Record.
    We believe this domain exists, but we are getting incomplete data from the Whois server."

    1. Tried that 3 times now using browser on my VPN. Every time goes straight to search engine and brings up that it is tied to Biden (which is not news to us) or a fact-checker site. Will have another look later. Off back to bed to try and catch up on a few zzzzzs. Not slept properly since Sunday.

    2. That anti fa one.

  5. Some more links:

  6. This is in response to DR and Ripper. Ripper has a reply for DR but not all of it can be posted, essentially IP and postcode cannot. There is a compelling reason for this. This much could be posted from Ripper's comment:


    @DR - try it without VPN. I took a screen grab of what you should be, and everyone else appears to be, getting -

    Note the UK flag in the address bar. Flagfox is saying that the server location is in the UK. I'm trying to work out what this could mean if true.

    IP Adress: xxxxxxxxxxx
    Server Location: United Kingdom
    Domain Nationality: United States

    Nearest location I can get to the server is London postcode, xxxx, near to Millenium Bridge and the Locke at Broken Wharf.

    The ISP is xxxxxxxxxxx


    There is a most particular reason I can't doxx even a sworn enemy like Antifa because there are readers here now, from 2007 to 2009, who know very well the anti doxxing stance I took and why. And many of those current readers are still hostile.

    There is also Google watching like a hawk. The full form of that letter is not lost, it's on stick and the stick is not now here with me. I'm not going into RL issues upon me but it became heavy today and the last conversation with our beloved govt was about fifteen minutes ago.

    So sorry to Ripper but that's the only way it can be just now.

    1. Just tried it with safari goes straight here with a pic of Faux and Heels-up putting me off my dinner. Might be cos I iz in France.

    2. James, just to say I understand, and will try not to let it happen again. However, I will point out that there is no information in my reply to DR that is not publicly discoverable through the browser. The IP, the post code and ISP come from a browser extension called Geotool. This uses Google Maps and also gives exact latitude/longitude co-ordinates. Geotool is available from within Flagfox, as are quite a few other net tools.