Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday [10 to 12]

12.  Bitchute itself writes

Congratulations to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, for winning the Freedom of Expression award that Youtube sponsored.

11.  Maxine Waters and her kind

Not even a spark of humanity in these people, though they talk the talk and loot the loot:

Maxine Waters is marching in Brooklyn Center tonight and told people to take to the streets if Chauvin is acquitted.

Lives in a fine home, not unlike that BLM leader cow who syphoned off that loot for her four homes.  Where do these people get off?

Meanwhile, SallyThatClemsonGirl responds:

My grandfathers both died young from lung because he was a painter and the other because he was a chemist at DuPont. Sad. Way before lawsuits. My Mom grew up without a Dad and my Dad lost a father at 28. But it is what it is. That’s how life used to be, not easy.

Sally still became a sorority gal so perhaps she could have mentioned southern dirt farmers to bolster the case.

10.  Lady called Mimi J

I'm on the board at our local food bank and the other board members just proposed required covid testing in order for recipients to pick up their food and I lost my s***.  I am struggling to find middle ground.

Indeed , Mimi J, these people are beyond the pale.  There's another in the subheading for 11 above.


  1. Bob H
    At our local market, the discount grocery stall owner said he had offered £15,000 of food to the local food bank. They refused on the grounds that it was too close to the date.
    And here's me thinking the food bank clients were short of money and starving hungry. It's good enough for the general public but not the nouveau 'woke'.

  2. "dirt farmers": what other sorts of farmers are there? Hydroponic farmers I suppose.