Friday, April 23, 2021

Russian apartment and implications of a video

The very first thing I want to know, and shall ask my Russian mate about, is how prevalent it is now, how common to see single, unmarried mothers in their own apartments?  Lovers brought in at whim?

Because my memory is they'd have to be daughters of the rich in the 90s.  It would not have been possible not to be living with their families.

I'm wondering if the western disease of single mothers on benefits has reached Russia?  When the daughter is of the rich, she's quite often carrying added lbs, a badge of honour.  This one's not.  Would like to know about this and shall report.  


Short Russian language lesson - look at the Cyrillic across the screen and it goes like this:

First six letters spell "dvyati", which comes from "devyat", meaning "nine".

Next four letters spell "etage", which anyone knowing French knows means "floor, storey".

Last two letters refer to her - "ka" is a diminutive addition or suffix meaning "female who" ... in this case is more than just living there but can be taken as "a ninth floor [female] dweller".

There's going to be a post on single mothers and the state setting them up in apartments.  implications are horrendous.

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