Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday [6 to 8]

8.  At ZeroHedge

Ferguson predicted catastrophic death tolls back on March 16, 2020 unless governments around the world adopted his preferred suite of nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to ward off the pandemic. Most countries followed his advice, particularly after the United Kingdom and United States governments explicitly invoked his report as a justification for lockdowns. 

Ferguson’s team at Imperial would soon claim credit for saving millions of lives through these policies – a figure they arrived at through a ludicrously unscientific exercise where they purported to validate their model by using its own hypothetical projections as a counterfactual of what would happen without lockdowns. But the June hearing in Parliament drew attention to another real-world test of the Imperial team’s modeling, this one based on actual evidence.

7.  That Trump interview in greater detail

6.  Our own western people are the issue

At least 3/8 of them - the loud 3/8.  Add the silent ones, bringing that up to around 52% in 'voting on the day' terms and that's why nothing whatever is done - the western disease.  Breitbart led today with [not even bothering with the url]:

Nigel Farage has accused New Zealand of having “sold their souls to the Chinese Communist Party” after rejecting allies’ calls for the Five Eyes to forge a common diplomatic position against China.

Sky Oz reported on such things in various youtubes:

#  Universities are trying to 'grease the wheels' on their relationship with China

#  China's 'aggression' and 'push for global power' is no secret


#  China just sent a ‘chilling message’ to the rest of the world
... and so on.  I watched one of them with Bolt or Panahi, think she's called, and yes, they're actually conservative compared to anything supposedly conservative here and yet ... and yet ... Andrew Bolt expressed the regulation outrage we all feel, then undercut it all by going in to bat for ...

Christians?  Australians in China?  The population of Australia?  Nope, he singled out one group to support - Muslims.

Now that's a dilemma for Christians because obviously we do not wish to see any group in concentration camps - if something must be done in the CCP's eyes, it should be to ... well actually, what does one do if they're actual Chinese who have succumbed to this disease, not unlike mask zealots here?

What if that Karen in front of you, haranguing you, is essentially one of you apart from brain functionality?  What can one do?  Wish her all the best for recovery?

Back to China and Australia.  Thirty years ago when I was there, the betes noires were the Japanese, not the yellow peril - the Japs were buying everything up but something seems to have changed - worldwide, it's the Chinese doing it now and have been for some time.

The big issue downunder seems to be this 'Belt Road Initiative' which I still don't fully understand, except that China has taken umbrage at Australia cancelling an agreement with them.

More as and when it becomes more clear.


  1. Ferguson, with his absurd model incompetently programmed, has done more damage to the country than the Luftwaffe ever achieved.

    It's possible that the harm is so great that it more than cancels out any good Imperial College has done the country throughout its history.

    I do wonder. Does anyone know anything about his politics?

  2. You think he does what he does for his political bent!
    He is a narcissist who probably gets off on being 'famous'. I'd look closer at who funds his crystal ball gazing to find where his leanings are.

  3. His politics will be based on who pays him the most.

    1. Part two.

  4. Steve

    They say revenge is a dish best served cold, Dominic Cummings today:

    'The Prime Minister’s new Director of Communications Jack Doyle, at the PM’s request, has made a number of false accusations to the media.'

    The following excerpt should surprise no one:

    '2. Re lockdown. Last year there was a meeting between the PM, Cabinet Secretary, the Director of Communications and me regarding the leak of the decision for a further lockdown on the Friday evening immediately after the meeting in the Cabinet Room that made the decision (known in the media as ‘the chatty rat story’). The Cabinet Secretary told the PM that the leak was neither me nor the then Director of Communications and that ‘all the evidence definitely leads to Henry Newman and others in that office, I’m just trying to get the communications data to prove it’. The PM was very upset about this. He said to me afterwards, ‘If Newman is confirmed as the leaker then I will have to fire him, and this will cause me very serious problems with Carrie as they’re best friends … [pause] perhaps we could get the Cabinet Secretary to stop the leak inquiry?"'