Sunday, April 18, 2021

Early Sunday morning [1 to 3]

3.  A different Steve

Did you know that "dammit I'm mad" spelled backward is dammit I'm mad?

2.  Consider this from Emerald Robinson

[The] Vatican's Council on Culture is promoting prominent pro-abortionist Chelsea Clinton to be a speaker at their conference on "health and the soul" next month.  Plus Katie Couric who was ‘caught’ talking to Epstein after it all exploded.

1. Just questions, that’s all

Just ticked over midnight an hour ago and silly I woke up rather than fell asleep.  There it is.  Big Question:

Yes, I do have one above all others.  Johnson here must be aware of the feeling of the land on masks, lockdowns.  I also understand the complicity of the media in failing to ask even the simplest questions about the NHS and his Great Reset, also how he would have set responses.  Does no cutting edge journo ever pin him on any of it?  CCHQ must be well aware of the state of feeling.  Or are they?

And are the public that thick, not to be concerned?  It’s like living in some bizarre matrix where no one is capable of even the right questions ... and I don’t mean Woke feeder questions.

My second or lesser question is - why did Phil not have a Union Flag over the coffin?  Why castles?  Well firstly - his allegiance was to the Crown and the Crown is not the UK.  There were a series of posts on the Crown, Venice etc.  The royals consider they own this land and all within it.

Coffee time.

Third question arising from scrolling through Steve’s urls [more later].  The very presence of Antifa on streets is an abomination in a rule-of-law society.  Why is not Johnson or even the Donald tasked over how it gets away with the violence?  Not good enough to trot out ‘how terrible violence is’ homilies.  Like Patel continuing to usher in invaders, why was/is nothing done to stop Antifa violence?  Incendiaries thrown at police in the US too - zero official reaction?


  1. 3. I knew I was backwards.

    2. The Church of Rome has gone. The top dogs have cut a deal to hang on to their wealth and properties.

    1. They have cut a deal... see above.

    2 & 1. The crocodile will eat them eventually.

  2. 2. If this still stands from Unam Sanctum 1302
    "Furthermore, that every human creature is subject to the Roman pontiff, - this we declare, say, define, and pronounce to be altogether necessary to salvation" then even those with friends in or members of the church of satan still have to answer to Pope Useless the Umpteenth when called upon. Fauci is supposed to be in attendance too. Luverly.

    The excerpt is from here btw -

  3. Looked like Phil couldn't bear to be separated from his comfort blankie so maybe having it wrapped around his box was part of the deal to get him off the planet. See Andy's comment for deal reference. :-)

    Besides,Union Flag for a Greek with strong German connections?

  4. 3. Was it a cat I saw?
    And to celebrate the designer of the Panama Canal . . .
    A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.
    There's nothing like a good palindrome.

  5. Why doesn't 'palindrome' sound the same when you say it backwards?

    1. Why was there only one Monopolies Commission?

  6. "dammit I'm mad" is spelled "Damn it, I'm mad". Or spelt "Damn it, I'm mad" if you prefer.

  7. Steve

    James said:

    'My second or lesser question is - why did Phil not have a Union Flag over the coffin? Why castles?'

    The 'flag' draped over his coffin was his standard, representing one's heritage, which in his case is quartered Denmark, Greece, Mountbatten, and Edinburgh. The two royal families the prince descended from, his surname, and his title. Denmark: three blue lions passant on a yellow field strewn with nine sea-leaves, depicted as red hearts. Greece: a white centred cross on a blue field. Mountbatten: 5 vertical stripes of white and black. Edinburgh: on a white field, a black three-towered castle, with white details except for red roof, banners, and gate, on a rocky grey base with a stairway leading up to the gate.