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[sonus] understanding issues: part 5

This is part 5 of the Sonus series, in which Gordo and others get theirs.

Dates for posting the Sonus articles: March 16th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 25th and 27th.

Part 4 of this series can be read here.

A conspiracy is defined as :-

A conspiracy theory alleges a coordinated group is, or was, secretly working to commit illegal or wrongful actions, including attempting to hide the existence of the group and its activities. In notable cases these theories contrast what is represented by the mainstream explanation for historical or current events, as well as the evidence that supports it.

In the case of the suppression of the Price of Gold

Yes, there is a coordinated group, consisting of many Central Banks, and certain Bullion Banks. Yes they are working in secret, - at the LBMA, as that organisation is “secret”, not open to the public. Yes, their actions are illegal in the strict sense, since the suppression (which was intervention in a “free”market) also led to the suppression of interest rates, (further intervention in a “free” market), and as the system further depreciated it created the need to hide, by cancelling the publication of, the growth of M3 money supply. Additionally, increasing “hedonics” were used to confuse accurate measurement of the GDP, (the calculation being made more difficult by the suppressed inflation rates). Towards the end, any statistics published either in the US or the UK relating to these indices were regarded with deep suspicion by economists, who increasingly constructed their own models, thereby fulfilling the last criterior in the definition above, namely the contrast with mainstream explanations of the events, which in the main were banal, and based on the visible, published statistics, there by rendering the MSM explanations inaccurate. For instance, how many times, in articles relating to Gold, do the parties treat Gold as a commodity when trying to predict its price moves?

But that was only a small part of the conspiracy as we shall see.

Let us proceed.

Tracking the conspiracy in the suppression of the Gold price across the Atlantic is difficult.

Beyond the fact that the members of the LBMA are global operators, and the fact that there are large European Banks on the membership list of the LBMA, the LBMA of itself is totally opaque, a private “club” where price setting is not publicly visible. More bullion sales and bullion leasing is conducted through the LBMA than any other market. This is not a “free” market, any more than COMEX is free from manipulation.

Moving on.


The evidence is set out. The story is long.

The anticipation part was the Knowledge of Alan Greenspan relating to Austrian/Mises school of Economics in his earlier speeches, linked to in earlier parts, above, and in his relations with Ayn Rand. His change of character, of economic principles was/is startlingly different after his appointment to the Federal Reserve Board, and maybe it was his appointment to the board of J P Morgan before the Fed that initiated the change. There were remnants of an economist remaining while he was Fed Governor, as evidenced by his “irrational exuberance” speech, which remained until after his subsequent meeting with Rubin. Even prior to his “irrational exuberance” speech, I recall many articles in the UK press relating to worries about an over-valued US equities market, and negligible savings levels of US consumers, and the Balance of Trade Deficit levels, so, not withstanding fudged economic statistics, European/UK economists were expressing concern even in those early days. Since then the situation on both sides of the Atlantic has become increasingly abherrent, yet voices remained silent, in the full knowledge of the consequences. THAT is a conspiracy, a deliberate attempt to hide the truth.

But there is more. I also base my views on historical precedent.

“Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, written by John Perkins, and first published in 2004 is an easy read, (and very cheap on Amazon).

Briefly, it is the story of how Perkins was recruited by the NSA, profiled as an economic hit man, EHM, and lived for a period with the Peace Corps in Ecuadorian Amazon. He witnesses many Western abuses, and meets the Vice President of international consulting firm Main, who is also an NSA “liaison” officer.

He is recruited, joins Main, and is trained as an EHM in Boston. His first assignment was in Java, Indonesia, where his job was to falsify economic reports, such that large financial loans for infrastructure would create wildly optimistic returns, and rapid pay back periods, and benefit the local and national economy. (Naturally the loans would be from Wall Street Banks, and the infrastructure would be built by US companies When the loans came from the IMF, they were always sourced from Wall Street, and there is always a massive payment to whoever is the political leader at the time). Over time, the loans prove to be far too vast, the infrastructure inadequate, and repayments unpayable, and the country, the currency, (the loan is ALWAYS repayable in US dollars) and economy collapses, and the collapse is always triggered by a Wall Street engineered capital flight just to “enhance “ matters. Asset prices collapse to a small percentage of their recent price, and Wall Street, and others can move in and buy at cents on the dollar!

His story progresses through Panama, deals with massive civil engineering projects around the Canal, Panamanian discussions with Japan, which were anathema to the US, and the subsequent US invasion, on to Saudi Arabia, and billions spent there, to Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East. He was in Iran during the Shah's reign and subsequent revolutions, has detailed dealing in Columbia and has knowledge of the Noriego fiasco. He tells the reasons for Ecuador's president, Jaime Roldos, and Panama's president, Omar Torrijos, deaths in separate fiery airplane crashes that have all the hall marks of CIA assassinations, and has a series of personal crises of confidence, realising the extent of corruption and misery the loans and indebtedness are creating in collapsing countries, where significant portions of the population a suffering varying degrees of starvation. He makes the point strongly that the model of finance, contracting, failure of country, currency, return and buyout, is always the same. His realisation of the corruptness of his own country's brutality and imperialism, comes as a shock to him, and causes many personal problems.

The book ends on a bright note. The point I am drawing attention to is that ten years later, this same plan was also used in South East Asia, by the same characters. (But not Perkins)

And on a totally global scale, with only slight modifications, this is the plan I see now, being developed by international bankers and their massive, incomprehensible from an economic point of view, bailouts by culpable, manipulated politicians, bought and paid for, on the backs of a soon-to-be-penniless-tax-payer, and the possibility of buy-backs at bargain basement prices, after the collapse of local currencies, using hoarded bail-out funds, geared up massively. The coincidences, and similarities are frightening.


Any conspiracy needs a focal point, a forum for developing views, for members to meet, a publicity machine to put views forward, to bend opinion. One which can hide true intentions under a welter of propaganda and illusionary good works, one so obvious, so famous that the incredulity of the public would negate any unintentional mistake.

Can we find such a body?

Well, yes we can.

Google any of the senior names from the Clinton,

The Bush, or the Obama administration against the “Council on Foreign Relations”, CFR, and you will find that they are ALL members. This is their forum, their ideas institute, their club house.

Using Google you will find that the Rockefeller dynasty founded the CFR, and was also responsible for founding the Trilateral Commission.

Using Google you will find that the Rockefeller dynasty has an abiding interest in Eugenics and is on record as believing, and working towards a global population holding a maximum of 1 billion, under a New World Order.

You can use Google to find an overlap in names between the two organisations.

The Rockefeller dynasty is heavily invested in Monsanto and Syngenta, two of the major companies involved in the genetic modification of foodstuffs, and Rockefeller more than any other is responsible for the growth of “Agribusiness” that displaced traditional farming structures with monolithic structures that aid in the global penetration of GM foodstuffs.

Strange then, that Rockefeller should be one of the major investors in a grain store on an island in the Arctic circle, together with Monsanto, Syngenta, Bill Gates, and the Govt of Norway that will store grains for the future that companies like Monsanto and Syngenta are seeking to eliminate.

Just what do these people know about the planned future that would require such an investment?

Well, that link is over a year old, and now WE HAVE THE ANSWER. Organic farming is to be made illegal, and the bill is sponsored by agri-business giants Monsanto, Cargill, etc.

To summarise, Agri-business wants to make illegal the very seeds that Rockefeller, et al, are preserving in their Arctic Circle Vault. At some point when Syngenta death seeds have damn near wiped out agriculture, the Rockefellers will ration their seeds, which will by then be legal again, at a price, to a much diminished world population.

We also see this in the EU, where the degree of mono-culture is becoming extremely dangerous.

Take a moment or two to consider the implications of that, and remember Kissingers (CFR) statement, “Those that control the food supply, control the country”, but remember, it is the World that is the target, here, and world supplies of grain, in terms of “days of reserves”, have never been smaller.

For many years the Rockefeller publicity machine has worked to remove the tarnish from the image.



Remember there are no lengths to which they will not go in their quest for power. I had thought that evidence, solid evidence that came to light immediately after the incident, would result in a satisfactory conclusion to the search for the perpetrators, Sadly, this evidence seems to be ignored, as do so many other details. Would that be because the persons involved were so very obviously wealthy? Or were members of an elite organisation? And if the suspicions are true, consider the arrogance of the people placing these investments, - they consider themselves totally above the law.

Aaron Russo was a very famous Hollywood producer. (RIP, Aaron) He was be-friended by the Rockefeller dynasty, who tried to persuade him to join the Council on Foreign Relations. Part of the persuasion involved an explanation of how omnipotent members of the CFR were. He predicted to Aaron that 9/11 would happen, and also explained the upcoming plans to micro-chip the population, and the relevant data-bases that would be involved (with CFR members being not chipped! All testimony was on youtube.

"The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a FEUDALISTIC FASHION BY THE CENTRAL BANKS OF THE WORLD acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank...sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world."
Quote by: Carroll Quigley (1910-1977) Professor of History at Georgetown University, member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), mentor to Bill Clinton
Source: in his book Tragedy and Hope, 1966

(So now you know why one of Browns first acts was to make the B of E independent. It was/is a requirement of the proposed structure of the New World Order upcoming!)

"... we conclude that the [Federal] Reserve Banks are not federal ... but are independent privately owned and locally controlled corporations... without day to day direction from the federal government."

Quote by: 9th Circuit Court : Source: Lewis vs United States, June 24, 1982

"The Trilateral Commission is international...(and) intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skilful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centres of power - political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical." Quote by: Barry Goldwater (1909-1998) US Senator (R-Arizona)

Source: in his book "With No Apologies"

"We have stricken the shackles from 4,000,000 human beings and brought all labourers to a common level, but not so much by the elevation of former slaves as by reducing the whole working population, white and black, to a condition of serfdom. While boasting of our noble deeds, we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by our iniquitous money system we have manipulated a system of oppression which, though more refined, is no less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery."
Quote by: Horace Greeley (1811-1872)

Editor of the New York Tribune, ran against Ulysses Grant for presidency Date: 1872

"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centres has owned the government of the U.S. since the days of Andrew Jackson. History depicts Andrew Jackson as the last truly honourable and incorruptible American president."

Quote by: Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), 32nd US President Date: November 21, 1933

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit.
Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely
controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by
the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

by: Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) 28th US President Date: 1916

And this should …...., well, just see!

I make no apology for mentioning DeepCapture, again.


Returning to Aaron Russo, here is an extremely revealing video, concerning the Rockefellers, 9/11, and RFID chips. Astounding in its implications, that are now being witnessed, as they play out, in the UK and the US. Plainly put, Brown and his corrupt cronies have sold out the British Nation, as did that filthy liar, Blair (now in the employ of J P Morgan) before him. Listen carefully!

Several US Presidents have warned on national television of the danger posed to the nation by the CFR, and the Trilateral Commission, and specifically the Banking Cartel, and the Military/Industrial Complex.

Here is rare footage of President Eisenhower, in 1961.

President Kennedy was also involved in warning the nation.

Was this the true reason for his demise? He would not be the first US President to be murdered following warnings about the Banking Cartel!

As Deep Capture progressed through the years, another character arose. Leo Strauss was a political philosopher who had a shaping influence on the Bush administration evolution.

And here, the destruction of the middle class, - remarkable similarities with the UK, although the UK would lag the US by c.8 years.

However, the culture of lies was never restricted to the US. Brown in the UK is a liar too.

Time now to return to 9/11. First this link, already shown previously.

Significantly, prior to 9/11, J P Morgan had sold $2.2 Trillion Treasury Bonds in excess of authorisation by the US Treasury. Those records were in building No 3 of the World Trade Centre. Naturally they were destroyed during 9/11.

This is interesting.

And a few extras.

And here.

And here.

Remember, this was predicted by Nick Rockefeller when trying to persuade Aaron to join the CFR.

Sickening! And we think these people are human?

Enough on the character of these people, you should understand the problem by now, and the names. Google is a very powerful tool. Use it.

The point is that the US CFR is now linked into Europe at a very high level, via The European Council of Foreign Relations, with a very powerful membership, including Etienne Davignon, No 20, the Head of the European Bilderberg Organisation, no less, and George Soros, No 99, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, director IMF., No 100. This is a terrifying development. Read and weep!

Many things hinge on the upcoming G20 on April. Hopes may be high. My expectations are rock-bottom! Behind the scenes, blocks will do their own thing, the disparity of interests is too great.

Dumb and Dumber organise a “Con the Sheeple Extravaganza”. Or, this could be really serious behind the scenes, their common approach to the G20, which would definitely be very bad news.

Putin clearly has ideas of his own. Here is a PDF of his recent speech at Davos.

I do have a copy of Wens speech at Davos, but it is extracted from various Chinese blogs, and the translation is not good. It concentrated mainly on Chinese efforts to keep their economy motoring along, with very little political comment.

However, Chinese mercantilism has blossomed since then with many “deals” to make their Yuan currency acceptable internationally, and many global commodity supply deals. Both types of deals are coming amazingly rapidly. Since then, it is obvious that the “Shang-Magans” have returned, with the “Shan Chu”, head of the “Council of Compradors”, and the “Compradors” themselves, perhaps more electronic this time around, oiling the wheels. At least there is more honesty in this method, rather than the current US fraud and manipulation, in EVERY area of economic/financial life, many times detrimental to other nations, or producing countries.

And the above link explains the recent $300M Chinese investment in UK listed European Nickel.

Financially, the question of China continuing to purchase US T-bills is important. They have ceased the purchase of agency debt, that falling to the Fed. I doubt their continuance of T Bill purchases following their placement of existing significant holdings into other asset classes which is proceeding rapidly. Cessation of T Bill purchases will enhance their own ambitions for Yuan hegemony, via downward pressure on the dollar.

The problem here is the recent visit by H Clinton to China, and her discussion topics. She is CFR first, and I doubt totally her integrity. Will the Chinese also carry that doubt?

The Gulf States have been considering their own currency, backed by Gold, and possibly Oil, for almost a decade. Up until recently the US military umbrella restrained them from this action, but now?....

I do not think oil is suitable for a Gulf State currency, as each country has differing exhaustion rates for their oil fields, - it will probably be gold, and Saudi is busily buying.

I have included the following link, both because it illustrates the current theme, - alternatives to US $ as a Global Reserve Currency, and thus the decline of US hegemony, but also it illustrates most vividly a point made earlier in relation to the US Bank orchestrated collapse of Global commodity Prices, and every other price, on July 13th 2008, and the onset of the current cascade, in order to regain failing $ supremacy.

I seriously doubt the long term future of the $ as a Global Reserve Currency. I seriously doubt the ability of any other contender to replace the $.

A basket is the only alternative. The US and UK will push for a continuation of the current status, with both Brown and Obama grandstanding. This will be unacceptable to ALL other nations.

Iran has stated that it will supply Oil to Japan in Yen, and China in Yuan. Venezuela has matched that.

China will go for Gold Backing
, probably with the Yuan dominant in a basket of S E Asian currencies

China wants the Yuan to be a Global currency

Russia will go for Gold too!

The £ will not figure anywhere!

The IMF recently published this PDF. Reading it one would wonder what planet these people inhabit. If this is the limit of their intellectual comprehension of........ What hope is there? These people want to run the next round of Fiat crap. - - OMG.

Well, read it for yourself.

And the Press Briefing for its release is here.

But, Hey, I'll let Elaine take up the story.

WOW. Read and Weep, all over again.

But hey, Elaine, you are a good blogger, you don't have to change facts to make your point, - Greenspan reduced interest rates to 1% during the Tech Crash of 2000/3, not 3% as your graph shows, and the Yen Carry trade stalled, but resumed later when interest rates were raised again.

The Japanese found a way to keep interest rates low while carrying a massive trade surplus, - give Yen away globally at almost zero interest, but mainly to foreign borrowers. This kept the Yen value low to keep exports flowing, thus decimating the western industrial base.

China did the same by printing Yuan for internal use, to the value of their US trade receipts, and used the dollar earned to buy T-Bills, in turn helping depress western interest rates and keeping the dollar strong(er). (Small wonder Wen was pissed with Geithner ((Group of Thirty)) when he accused the Chinese of currency manipulation, the T-Bill purchases have maintained dollar strength and hegemony and allowed the continuance of inflation avoidance in the US via cheap imports and low interest rates. The US was complicit, even dependant, on the arrangement.)(H Clinton probably visited Wen to beg for the continuance of this arrangement once the dust has settled!)

The West was fully cognisant, and complicit in these arrangements, convincing their electorates through spurious financial/economic arguments that off-shoring was “good”. The west moved to a “financial services paper pushing, economic fact manipulating regime”, that could only maintain voter approval by constant bubble blowing, interest rate manipulation via Gold and interest rate swaps, complete shadow banking systems and derivatives that dwarfed the real world, incessant increases in personal and corporate debt levels via international agreements on leverage levels and asset quality ratios. Eventually the Yen carry trade, via London, into the Caribbean Hedge funds, and the leveraging of the hedge funds back through London and NY Banks managed to create so much international “money supply” growth (debt), so much pressure on commodities prices , benefiting commodity exporting nations, that the Wall Street financed Administration realized that the Dollar hegemony was under threat, and inflation caused by the massive leveraging of the Yen Carry trade, not to mention their own leveraging was creating inflationary problems in their home market. The engineered collapse of summer 2008 was triggered on July 13th 2008 by pre-arranged margin calls on over leveraged borrowers. (The Georgia poke in the eye helped western capital flight out of Russia, - sod the population problems, - collateral damage! Putin interpreted it wrongly and responded militarily. Add in the Gold debacle, and now he's really pissed!)



The evidence is contained in this document.

Which unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, is not available on-line.

It was written in 1994 by a Nobel prize-winning economist from Berkeley (George A. Akerlof) and a Stanford economist (Paul M. Romer). The plan was entitled, Looting: The Economic Underworld of Bankruptcy for Profit. A better title might have been, Looting the Treasury For Dummies. It was commissioned by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), the agency which dates recessions. By following this government-supported agency's script, organized crime was able to transfer trillions of dollars in taxpayer money into their own hands, leaving the entire planet reeling and its economy in shambles. It's the greatest robbery in human history. And shortly it will become genocide on a massive scale.

The nature of the political selection process does not recruit natural leaders, good businessmen, natural visionaries, or capable administrators, but as a consequence of itself promotes con-men, liars, incompetent manipulators, who will ultimately only seek personal aggrandisement. They will promise anything to maintain power, to the extent of bankrupting the country of birth. They cannot envisage real change, but a slow evolution of the current status quo.

This status quo now involves subsidising the incompetent at the expense of the competent, rewarding failure at the expense of success, maintaining a failing Fiat System and global trading patterns in the face of all evidence that they have failed, and landed extreme hardships on the populations

The slow evolution of the status quo thus involves the expansion of this current failing system into a truly global model, administered by the self same power base that presided over the engineered failure of the existing system, tightly controlled ultimately by the BIS and the IMF.

This is the key to Browns sell out of the UK Brown, and Blair before him, and Cameron and Clegg, are Bilderbergers. Brown/Blair gave the signal when they sold UK gold to support the US bail-out. They were party to 9/11 lies and invasions costing the lives of millions, and the cover up of the Dr Kelly murder.

All the economic analysis, all public statements from major politicians and the G20, must now be interpreted in this light.

Back to economics for a while.

The UK will face stagflation and low growth for maybe 15/20 years, with the distinct possibility of a period of hyper-inflation during which the currency will fall rapidly. Absent hyper-inflation, the £ will fall, first to parity with the $, (the £ is falling heavily as I write this!) then as the $ falls, the future of the £ looks murky, not clearly predictable, but not good.

Today we learn that UK industrial output for Jan 2009 fell 2.6%, taking the annual rate of decline to 11.4%.

I have a message for you, Brown, if you can be bothered to listen.

Industrial output is swirling around the hole in the middle, and the financial services sector is taking repeated canon ball hits to the testicles. On the 9th March 2009, I watched sterling decline 2.8% ish against the $, because of your quantitative easing, which means every import denominated in $ is now 2.8% ish more expensive IN ONE DAY. You are forecasting an annual GDP decline in 2009 of 2.5% ish, and conning the public via the MSM, which you control, that inflation will go to zero.

When are you going to change your medication and undergo a reality check with the numbnuts economists and “yes” men advising you?

It does seem strange that everyone BUT you can speak the truth!

Your repeated financial theft from the countries future viability, aimed at reassuring the World that the UK remains a place friendly to Global Finance is totally misplaced (we know that is not the real reason). Global Finance is leaving, en mass, heading for S E Asia. What the UK needs is a viable manufacturing base, and what it doesn't need is a Mandelson (Bilderberger) being the arbiter of its future, a method that reeks of moral hazard, with its administrator having already proven himself to be susceptible to such hazards. The Finance Industry is mortally wounded in the UK almost finished. China is investing in mines, steel mills, a huge manufacturing base, infrastructure, strategic minerals that you haven't even heard of, and trade alliances all around the Globe. You are investing the countries future, because you've stolen its todays, in bankrupt fraudulent banks and their gold plated pension schemes, stupid malfunctioning data bases, an ever greater functionally illiterate bureaucracy, and other unthinkably stupid schemes, and all for treasonable reasons. Who do you think will win, and where will that leave this country??

Oh I know that this country means nothing to you, other than a grandstanding base. You will sacrifice the taxpayer, and his children, and his grand children in order to ensure your personal power. You are an insult to the human race, a disgusting excuse for a rodent.

In my considered opinion, you have tied yourself to what you see as the global elite, that's your team. You are dedicated to maintaining a failed Fiat system because that is their power base, and to do this you are determined to sacrifice 60+ million people to a standard of living last experienced in the 1910 – 20s.

You were elected to serve this country's population, not yourself, and certainly not an illusive, exclusive, club of conniving, warmongering financiers, and the men behind the curtains who pull their strings, several of whom have mansions and estates in this country. Your co-conspirators are walking dead from practices illegal under their charter, as are the UK versions. Bury them, without ceremony. The term is “Bankruptcy Proceedings” under existing laws, which they, and YOU, have blatantly flouted. And YOU have encouraged them to flout the laws. But it is apparently quite common practice.

What you did with the Lisbon treaty was treasonous, and what you are NOW doing is also treasonous.

Since I know you have a large attention span because you must have studied the Lisbon Treaty in minute detail to know that it did not represent a copy of the one that went before, and since you could faithfully recommend it to parliament, but sign it in relative secrecy, this current discourse should be light reading for you. So read it. You will find many of the Fiat fraudulent manipulations exposed, and that, by a team of INTERNATIONAL BLOGGERS, and careful reading and piecing together of facts. I accept some have been missed, but I would be prepared to wager that there are many that you were unaware of.

Your goose is cooked, you are exposed as a manipulative grandstanding failure.

“When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion — when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – when you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favours – when you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – you may know that your society is doomed.”
–Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged (1957)

The national awareness of your complicity and duplicity and treason is growing steadily. Those that are aware are increasingly angry.

Are you ready for the consequences?

Requests for global banking system/supervision? Just more and more Porkies. One day, perhaps, an interviewer with stones will ask you to cite the occasions of your repeated calls.

BUT, we understand that this is your message to the major conspirators. “Please recruit me, I am one of you!”

You look as if you don't know what you are talking about, so Gordon, - - S.T.F.U.

End of message,


To continue :-

The UK standard of living will fall precipitously as global energy costs rise as the world economy regains momentum. (We already pay£1.6B p.a. as a carbon tax to the EU, hidden in UK electricity bills.) Hayek predicted a return to serfdom, or feudalism, from the position this nation will find itself in. Post Democratic High Tech Feudalism. Congratulations to nulab/ECFR. Welcome BIS and IMF, and UN, and WHO, and - gawd knows, all the attendant crap.

Note that Mervyn King is a member of the Group of Thirty. Do we really think that he failed to anticipate the current problems as he says?? Asleep at the wheel?

They've been publishing papers about Financial Reform, Regulation, Oversight, etc, for quite some time now, in fact Financial Reform, and Oversight, mostly Global, it is one of their main objectives.



And look at page 6 for a star studded role call. - AIG, (snicker) A company that deliberately avoided oversight and issued CDS paper without any reserve backing. Fox Guarding chickens? And J P Morgan, and G Sachs, both well known to be the instigators of derivatives of all types, and stratospheric leverage levels via pressure on legislators. Yup, a good working group for banking oversight and supervision!

And Blair? Yeh, him, he pressured the FSA.

Either way, Brown was Chancellor, and you, Merv, were B of E.

(Oh, and by the way, Merv, I note that you are also a Bilderberg attendee! Just thought I would mention it! Did you enjoy meeting Bernanke (CFR) at the Bilderberg 2008 bash in Chantilly, Virginia )

Sorry Merv, your excuses about failing to anticipate this economic catastrophe just don't wash. You lied when you said you couldn't have seen it coming, you are just as complicit as Brown and Blair. You are a trained and experienced professional. You are also part of the group planning for Global banking, ….... planning for the New World Order!

So Brown, and Merv, since you have now commenced quantitative easing, which means buying our own Guilts, I wonder what we, or YOU, are going to do when we have to SELL them, what will the interest rate be, Merv? 10%, or 15%., or 25%? You will probably need that to attract investors who would naturally worry about currency devaluation. But Merv, won't that crash an already collapsed economy. That's right Merv, and you Brown, you're both clueless! What is the exit strategy?

I thought I would draw your attention to this article concerning Germany in 1919/1924. Yes, I know you and Brown are a pair of smart arses, and don't like taking advice from anyone not a brown-nose of your team, but, in your interest in avoiding the ignominity that history will remember you as guilty of, I thought you may be interested.

Interesting comments, there. Seems that towards the end, it wasn't so much the quantity of money, or the rate of growth of M3, or whatever, but the velocity of money, that mattered. And that's a confidence issue, Merv, a confidence issue! Which I suppose makes it damn near unstoppable once it gains momentum, because as the currency dives, so does confidence. And I do note that confidence in Brown & You stinks right now, so how's it going to stink in say 6, or 12, or 24, months. And now I notice the IMF is going to get it's wheels oiled. Where's that coming from Merv, or Brown? Or anyone care to answer?

But all that plays into the EU plan. The UK spirit is a bit too adventurous for the EU politburo. The UK must be totally broken, mustn't it, socially structurally, and economically

Oh well.

Now, Merv, as to your silence in rectifying the blunders of Brown, Mandy and their cronies, (Coincidently, both Brown, and Mandy are Bilderberg members like you!) since you are part of the New World Team, I assume that, as with Volker, (and I note a new aggressive tone to your communications with said cronies) you probably won't act until Geithner et al have ruined the US, and Brown et al have ruined the UK. You'll be seen as the saviour, - they'll both be gone soon, then you make your move. But what will be your move, I wonder?

So, let's look at Volker, a CFR member. The alleged superstar who conquered inflation in the 1980s, in the US. But who created the inflation? Was it the Federal Reserve creating too much credit (debt) bank lending? Yup, that's right.

One of the biggest bank failures of that time, (and a dress rehearsal for the current theft of taxpayers money) and there were many, was the Continental Illinois, of Chicago. It went down in history as the first electronic bank run. How did it get into trouble? Crazy lending policies, like now. The FDIC was unable to cover all deposits, and many were over the limit anyway ($100,000), so after a lot of corrupt dealing which I won't cover in detail, the US government and the Fed had to get involved, just like now, which means ultimately the US taxpayer! Paul Volker was Fed Chairman at the time. He explained the fleecing of the taxpayer to the Senate Banking Committee, “The operation is the most basic function of the Federal Reserve. It was why it was founded”

That statement confirmed the entire conspiracy of the meeting on Jekyll Island and the setting up of the Operating Methods of the Federal Reserve. The system was DESIGNED to insulate bankers from losses by placing the losses on the taxpayers, via the Fed, via increased taxation to pay down the “national debt”, and via inflation, (the dirty little secret), while keeping profits in the hands of the bankers. Exactly what is happening now, on a truly global scale!.

Where large banks know that ultimately the taxpayer will backstop their aggressive lending practices, there is little incentive to be prudent. Leverage is taken to the limit, as is the credibility of the borrowers. Bonuses become massive, the exit plan created. Bingo. Bailout. Too big to fail.

(The centralised banking system that is the Federal System, was forced upon the US by agents of the Bank of England. Those BofE agents worked behind the scenes for decades to create the Fed system. This type of system now infests 170 + central banks globally. The debt driven economies feed the monstrous appetite, the parasitic appetite, of the original founders of this fraudulent system. One has to ask, when is enough, enough? All Fiat systems throughout history have failed, because of the greed of the operators.)

Volker now runs the Group of Thirty, whose membership includes the Global banks worst offenders, and you are a member, Merv, therefore you cannot expect us to believe that anything that you thieves propose will be beneficial to the general populace. Your proposals will favour the banks, and the already wealthy. The mechanics of the system are designed to this end.

And Volker is also Chair of Obama's efforts to ruin the economy of the US.

Precisely why are you on the Group of thirty, Merv? To learn new ways to destroy the middle classes of the UK? In the upcoming link, from Jesse, your buddies on the Group of Thirty are shown for what they are! You have oversight in the UK. Are you blind?

(Oh, by the way Merv, did you know that Central Banks were net purchasers of Gold in Jan 2009? And they weren't western banks, either! Notably France was a net seller! - - You didn't? You mean your mate Rothschild surrogate at the LBMA didn't give you the hint? My oh My, maybe he's pissed with you for damn near ruining his party!)

Create a problem. - Problem creates panic. - Present a solution, your solution. - Sheeple go for it!

With time, the rats get flushed out of the rat holes, and the evidence of corruption and theft of tax payers future standards of living becomes apparent.

It is the system.

And the banking whore houses have spent well on the politicians.

Rather than give the direct link to the article, here is the link to the erudite Jesse, complete with his comments.

Read and enjoy.

So Merv, and Brown, in the interests of public record, and public knowledge, since the public will be the ones to suffer financially from your failure of professionalism and oversight, and your corruption, when does the UK public get to hear who are the recipients of all the wealth you have stolen from them and poured into banks with international debts? And if any of those debts relate to derivatives, of whatever nature, that those regulated banks dealt in unregulated OTC markets or dark pools, why are you making good their debts on the backs of the taxpayer, rather than declaring them null and void, and therefore unenforceable and valueless. Why are you condoning fraud in regulated bodies? Why are you not upholding the law and prosecuting the banking officials? In English law an illegal contract is null and void, unenforcible, it has no value. Why are you valuing it for purposes of stealing from the UK taxpayer?

And for AIG, it had/has a London branch which was/is presumably covered by UK law relating to insurance and the maintenance of adequate capital to cover statistical risks. AIG obviously wrote copious amounts of Credit Default Swap contracts. These are Insurance policies in all but name, despite the fact that some may not have any “insurable interest”, that deliberately avoid regulatory oversight. AIG knew what they were doing writing these contracts, as did the counter parties. AIG deliberately sought to avoid regulatory oversight because the absence of balance sheet assets made them more profitable. Why are the relevant authorities with insurance company oversight not upholding the law and prosecuting the AIG officials. In English Law these contracts are illegal and are null and void, unenforcible, valueless. Why are the Insurance industry valuing these contracts for purposes of stealing from the UK taxpayer? And why are you upholding that valuation and stealing from the UK taxpayer to make good counterparties?

And then the G20 says”hello rats, would you like more food. Sod the taxpayer and his future, we'll let the central bank create the money from nothing, debase the currency, increase taxes in perpetuity, just so the international banks can keep bribing us, and give us nice little jobs when we retire the political life. Just wait 'till the New World Order of the IMF, and the BIS gets underway, we've got it made


However, on the other hand, if you are in a position to invest......

Don Coxe is a Chicago economist/investment adviser, sometimes in the past overly optimistic, who runs a weekly conference call.

In his latest call, he makes reference to Gold, to western central bank sales, and of the significant global movement towards government run economies which will result in increased overheads caused by malinvestments resulting from political dogma, slower growth and higher unemployment. The entire presentation runs for one hour, including the questions and answers at the end. It is ALL worth listening to.

That movement towards politician controlled economies has been progressing below the radar screens for several decades, and will lead to a movement, politically and structurally, towards the 3 to 5 year endgame for national sovereignty vs global control.


This is where we are now.

And there is far, far less gold in reserve than paddles, they've leased it away! They know it. The World knows it. I know it!

It is in foreign hands, private and public.

The rest of the World regards them as Morons. The fraudulent Fiat experiment is a failure, it is dying. Version 2 is around the corner!

And this is where we are going. All of us.

And here.

And here.

Welcome to the New World Order.

Today, Brown says his piece, but insists that now is the time for the left to intervene, as “free markets” have failed.

Brown you are a bare faced liar. The “markets” have never been free, the machinery behind them won't allow it. YOU won't allow it.They have failed, if they have failed, because of too much intervention.

Intervention that you, Brown were party to, and still are.

I also notice that most major politicians are all seeking to distance themselves from responsibility for the coming carnage.

Filthy rodents, bought for a penny.

Refreshment Break. I need it!




Part 6 of this series can be read here.

It says 'written by James Higham' below. Actually, it was written by Sonus but I can't reformat the author in my template.


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    China will go for Gold Backing,

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    I'll let Elaine take up the story.

    It does seem strange that everyone BUT you can speak the truth!

    You are an insult to the human race,

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  3. James, I only read half of what you wrote. You were preaching to the choir. The CFR and the Trilateral Commission, as well as the Fed, all have their own agenda which is contrary to the will of people the world over. God help us! Btw, Monday was the supposed launch date of the NAU. Something happened; they obviously decided not to. Economic collapse? Oh yeah!

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