Saturday, October 04, 2008

[misconstructions] server down and other goodies

The immediate blogosphere sometimes reminds me of the ocean surface - rough and dangerous but with far greater villains lurking below.

I'm quite frankly disappointed with being misconstrued, taken out of context and misquoted and the last example was in Bloghounds just now. As I'm obviously not going to give details, I'll use an analogy instead. It's as if I had written to someone, asking if he was aware that though he had applied for B, he hadn't applied for A and could he possibly do it?

The reply did not come to me but to another admin, saying that I had told the member he was not a member. No I hadn't. How on earth can that conclusion be derived from the other? By luck, I managed to see this and set the record straight.

My little RL worries are of no concern to anyone, naturally and yet they are real to me. But if I also have to correct misconstructions on each and every matter relating to myself, I'm going to be a nervous wreck, wasting time on things which are pointless.

At the same time, I'm attempting to keep another situation from imploding and preventing an old wound from opening up, again in the blogosphere. All of this rubbish is in the blogosphere - RL itself is not great, admittedly but step by step we have little victories. I came within a hair's breadth of a good job on Friday but the mood is still positive there.

The rule for me now in the sphere is "steady as she goes" but this is not helped by the things going on behind the scenes. Seriously, you'd think they would get a life. Instead of enjoying the blogging, it's currently a pain in the neck but I'm giving notice that I'm not being drummed out of blogging, not until I'm ready to go. Not this time round.

Two RL friends told me, on two different occasions, that people perceive me as weak because I "appease" those who spit on me. The people who do this, the spitting, if they are intelligent, should not mistake calmness and polite words in reply for acquiescence. Their time will come and it will be by their own petard.

By the way, to my stalker, those emails did disappear from the mailbox this evening but both Firefox and Safari are back in operation and thanks for asking. Blogger is playing up too but that's another question - I think that's so for everyone.

To end on a positive note, Bloghounds is now up to 29 members and a dog and things are on the drawing board. Tomorrow [oops - today] is upon us and I wish you the most pleasant day of rest possible.


I plan to.

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  1. You'd have noticed a wild swing in mood from the last post on airdinghies to this dark post.

    Now what do you assume?

    That I am moody? Or could it just have been that the moment things seemed to be up, some people came in, like Monty Python feet, squashed that complacency and dragged me back down.

    This post will stand although I'd like to delete it and get on with other things. It is a testament to how, the moment one makes progress, the ones who are watching try to stymie that progress.

    This is a battleground and though my armoury is only to go ahead with what I was doing and pray things will get better, being spiteful to none and hoping those who have it in for me will get bored and find another target, that is the way I'll go forward.

    The philosophy I'm currently going by is that every move I make I evaluate first to see if it will produce a positive result all round and then proceed.

    There are no margins for error in my current position. This post is an error but it is a step along the way nonetheless and so I'll leave it up but without further comment.

    If you're reading this, then it's now time to shrug and just move on, as I am doing today, come hell or high water.