Sunday, October 05, 2008

[lazy town] having fun is what it's all about

Leaving aside the financial angst of the moment, leaving aside issues of last night, leaving aside any number of matters, I'd like to ask a question.

Do you see an element of madness creeping into not only public life but in the way people are interacting with each other of late?

There is an example on my mind right now. Indirectly, there is a connection I have with a family and there's a little kid who is into something called Lazy Town, a kid's show made in Iceland. It's a bit saccharine sweet for me but I quite like a character called Robbie Rotten who seems to get the best lines and sub plots.

I googled Julianna Rose Mauriello [the main character] and Magnús Scheving [producer and another main character] - it is an interesting tale in itself. What I was horrified by was that in google there were so many references to her being a lesbian and I wondered WTF? This is a kid's show and OK, the lead character has some special long term friendship off set, as every person I know has had and sickos on the web are turning it into something dirty with all sorts of innuendo.

The expression "get a life" goes through the brain over and over. What the hell is going on in society if that is the sort of thing which titillates people? It's b-o-r-i-n-g, you know. It's t-e-d-i-o-u-s. Can't we have anything good without someone trying to twist it round and place some bizarre interpretation on it? I don't know.

What I see in this show is an attempt by someone [Scheving] with an ideal of setting kids on a straight path of being kind [and eating sports candy]. Admittedly he is making a killing in the meantime and why not? Someone using his talents and his connections to put something about which is actually ... er ... clean and good.

Now watch the vipers come in and try to dirty it. Sorry, there is not one dirty thing I can see in any of this and the best of luck to them for what they are actually achieving. May there be more of it.

Having said all that, why is it that the The Bad seem to have all the best lines and be the most interesting characters [as well as having the best spaceships]? Why is it that The Good, apart from being handy to have around in a crisis, is ultimately seen as duller and less interesting to be with?

Similarly, why is it that people are far more afraid of the Dark Side in their stunning, shiny black costumes when the White Side is vastly more dangerous. Ultimately the former are losers. I tell you, I don't think it is the best plan to get on the worng side of G-d, mild-mannered and altrusitic though he may be. It's not unlike a papa who loves you. You're so into him being close to you that you can be forgiven for forgetting the awesome destructive capability.

Maybe some sanity needs to return to a world where it seems to be in short supply of late.


  1. I actually really like Lazy Town. Not exactly catered to my age group but I think it's great :)

  2. Hi James!

    Lazy Town...I am not very aware..but the question you posed and tendency to twist matters so bad...

    I felt it many a time. The first time I felt was when I came across American universities bizardly dissecting the wonderful story of 'Cindrella' for its erotic undercurrents...

    it was such a lovely 'Moral' story in our see Cindrella as a love-lorn seductress was to say the least, SAD..

    that being a creative piece, perhpas one could read it as one choose....

    But what's happening to this society? I just join you...

    thanks and see you more

  3. lil bit used to love Lazy Town, but we don't seem to watch it much anymore (maybe it's just not on when she's here, no clue)

    I think it's sappy, badly directed and badly acted; she loves it; we watch it :)

  4. I'm going to ask my kids if they have heard of this show, think I am oblivious to a lot.

  5. Lazytown rocks !!!!!!
    Dont let my little girl find out any different ha ha.

  6. Um, but she is a lesbian, she has freely admitted it in the NY Post and done several YouTube self made videos admitting it.

  7. Very popular with the pre-schoolers, I believe.


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