Monday, July 06, 2009

[black gold] current choice for header

A question was asked, in comments, about Black Gold in my header. Truth is I saw the pic and have lost the article. It's a Scottish lugsail dinghy of the older variety and she's a beauty.

Don't know about you but I've never been sure about lugsails with a one man crew - it all seems unnecessarily complicated when a gaff might have done. Still, he seems happy.

The boat is solid and the varnished deck is the colour scheme my boat would be, with a tanbark sail to set it off, golden-wood mast and a strong, solid colour for the hull - navy, olive or maroon would be nice. My choice of wood would be western red cedar, if I could get it or else oak.

Aren't wooden boats lovely and wouldn't you feel safe in a big sea in that craft? By the way, do you know that clinker is one of the strongest building methods? For all these reasons, Black Gold represents the values I'd like to stand for on this blog.

Click on the pic to get an enlarged look.


His Girl Friday said...

lovely pic; and, yes, I'd love to be out on that craft. :)

Matt said...

Unabashedly flying the flag! I love it! Beautiful boat too!

Dragonstar said...

That is just so beautiful James. Eat-your-heart-out time over here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

(I am the original commenter who asked about this craft)

Note to self - create a Blogger ID.