Wednesday, November 29, 2006

[obama] time to play or time to hold

The Chicago Tribune says: Granite State Democrats asked Obama to be the star attraction at a party event to celebrate sweeping victories in the state in the November election. The senator also recently has discussed a potential campaign with leading Democratic activists in Iowa, which holds the influential caucus that kicks off the presidential primary campaign in early 2008.

Among those he has spoken with are the former Iowa campaign managers for 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry and 2000 Democratic nominee Al Gore, an Obama campaign adviser said. The recent release of his second memoir, "The Audacity of Hope," and a publicity tour in promotion of the book has bolstered his already high visibility just as he is contemplating a presidential run.

This blog does not claim any expertise in American politics but still, it seems premature. The Russians use the words ‘nye tak’, literally meaning ‘not so’ and there’s something a bit that way about the man. The answers a bit glib, the philosophy a bit pat and generalized - the passion is what carries him along, giving all the appearance of aptitude and authority.

First there’s his obvious charisma. One Iowa campaign worker said: You felt it. It was not just his speech. It was the way the crowd surged around him ... You couldn't move if he was in the area. I don’t trust that sort of charisma one inch. That’s early Blair charisma.

Then there was Cheney, who despite his faults is still an astute campaigner: He said in late October that he thought
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton could win the White House in 2008 and that a potential Democratic opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, was too inexperienced. That could all have been spin and yet …

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